Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Paper Crown: Revisited

A note from Joelle...
Back in 2011, I posted about Lauren Conrad's first ever Paper Crown collection. I was completely in awe of it and liked every piece - which is very unusual for me! I raved about the 'colourful', 'creative' and 'flawless prints', but in the back of my mind, I though that it would be hard for her to create an even better collection in a few year's time. I was wrong, very wrong!

I stumbled upon the Paper Crown website again and found the Spring '12 collection. I am aware that this is a year behind, but the clothes could easily be carried into 2013. The colours are simple and the prints are elegant and dainty, just like Spring.
I was also interested that she chose wintry colours such as silver/grey, navy blue and black in this collection. With that said, it does even out the mood of Spring though, as it's not always blossomy and full of pastels in this season (especially if you live in the UK!).
Have a look at my collage below and see your yourself! I am also a fan of the model's high ballerina bun - a huge look in 2012, which will no doubt carry on into 2013.
All photos are from the Paper Crown site - I made the collage.
I am eagerly awaiting the 2013 pieces and I hope they can live up to the expectation. What do you think of this collection? 


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