Friday, 18 January 2013

The 'Clueless' Comeback

A note from Joelle...
When I was younger I was obsessed with this TV show and the film. I loved Cher, Dee, Amber and Tai's fashion as it was always bright and loud!
Lots of fashion mags and online articles suggest that the crazy, eccentric style of 'Clueless' era is making a comeback and the funny thing is, I knew this was coming!
Fashion always repeats itself, but with more modern twists and now it is time for the age of 'Clueless' to do just that!
Think lots of plaid, block colours, checks, buttons and high-knee socks and you are heading in the right direction with this trend.

So here you have the loud prints, block colours and sleek cuts with a mixture of high street and designer pieces!

PS: I still know the 'Clueless' theme tune off by heart! Just to refresh your memories, I put it below! ;)
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