Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Loserville: The Musical

A note from Joelle...
                                       ♫ ♪ 'Holly, I'm the One' - Son Of Dork

I have known of this musical since when my sister and I went to audition for the NYMT in  way back in February  2009. It was originally for the youth theatre company but then transferred to the West End in 2012, to our excitment

It's set in an American High School in 1971 and every song is written be James Bourne (from Busted and Sons of Dork) and Elliot Davis. I really wanted to see it before it closed on the 5th, so my sister and I headed down to the Garrick Theatre in Leicester Square for the show in early January.
Being us, we were 10 minutes late and had to do the embarrassing, apologetic shimmy into out seats, thank God were were on the aisle. We had also been upgraded to the stalls so we were thrilled!

Michael Dork and his Star-Trek-obsessed friends are attempting to send the first ever email. Just like all coming-of-age stories, there are always bump along the way with the pressures from friends,  the ‘popular’ rival gang, the beautiful  girl who is out of his league.

With the catchy tunes from Son of Dork’s 2005 album ‘Welcome to Loserville’, the colourful costumes and powerful vocals from the cast, the story really does come to life in a big way.
The set was a wonder in itself; giant pencils and notepad props to create the scenery and everyday items and metal ‘pop out’ frames to make the science setting.
The youthful cast and supporting company (‘geeks’ and ‘geekettes’) have so much energy on stage but never seem to dwindle or tire out. With the brilliant choreography and well-written jokes, Loserville really was the breath of fresh air that the West End needed.

I will say it again: the cast had so much energy, it was insane. The vocals were superb and the dancing was incredible. The company of dancers (or Geeks and Geekettes) really shone individually, which is rare for a company of that size. Not forgetting to mention, they were all so good looking! It's like they all stepped out of a Hollister campaign (that is a compliment, I promise!)!
 My favourite songs are 'Holly, I'm The One', 'Sick' and 'Ticket Outta Loserville'.
But the cardboard props and sci-fi setting were a work of art. I was even impressed with the lighting (which is rare for me, as I don't usually care).
Special mention has to go to Aaron Sidwell, who played the lead Michael Dork for his outstanding performance  I had no idea he was 'Stephen Beale' in Eastenders until I looked in the program!
Richard Lowe as 'Lucas' was incredible - not just the acting, but the vocals! He is seriously one to watch out for on the theatre circuit.
Finally, Daniel Buckley was hilarious as 'Francis'. I also recognised him from 'Fresher: The Musical', which I saw in the Pleasance Theatre in Summer 2011 (I think).

Here's the trailer!
It's a real shame that it closed early, but I am sure that there will be a tour soon and hopefully a cast soundtrack.
After the show, my sister and I realised that there was no way we could have done well if we were cast in 'Loserville' back in 2009. The choreography would have almost certainly killed us.



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