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The Day I Met The Spice Girls: Viva Forever Afternoon Tea At Harvey Nichols

A note from Joelle...
I met the Spice Girls.
I was really young when The Spice Girls first started out, about 3 years old to be precise. Even though I was so tiny, that did not stop me from carrying my Spice Girls lunch-box to school with pride, nor wear my Spice World crop top almost everywhere I went. My sisters and I used to stand in the middle of the road outside out house and perform the famous 'Stop' routine without a care in the world!
As soon as they walked in, things turned pretty hectic - but in a good way. The ladies were talkative and bubbly as they were swarmed by all of us taking photos and gushing at their fabulous-ness. I had a smile on my face the whole time, as I was finally in a room with the women whose music made me so happy as a young girl going through tough times at school.

The coolest moment of my life so far!
'Scary Spice' Chocolate rolls
The 'Posh Spice' Champagne cocktail
Okay so the story behind this photo... I practically jumped on poor Jeniffer Saunders out of the blue and told her how much of a fan I was. She then asked if we'd met before ('you just have that face!'), she said.
We hadn't met, but I was dying for a chat and a picture and she kindly obliged before heading off!! Ahhh, confidence pays off!
I MUST stop playing with my hair when I get nervous though!
'Sporty Spice' cake pop
When Handpicked Media contacted me about meeting the Spice Girls, I could not breathe. I was so happy to finally meet the women who were they soundtrack to my life growing up in London in the late 90s as a little girl. I took the quickest train down from Northern Scotland as I could not miss this.
On the train, I was really nervous. Luckily I met up with Jemma, Zoe, Kate, Liz, Laura and Jessica before the event,which was great. I read all their blogs so was actually quite star-struck to meet them all!
You can tell that we are all bloggers!  Just look at those big black bags!
Lots of journalists, and brand representatives were there and the atmosphere was amazing. Harvey Nichols have launched a Spice Girls champagne menu with unique recipes for each Spice Girl. Baby Spice's Strawberry champagne was my favourite! There were cute little Spice Girls canapés as well, awww. 
I wanted to try all of the champagne flavours, but remembered to stay professional and just keep to two drinks. If it was up to me, I would have knocked back at least five more glasses as they were so delicious (I do not have a addition, I promise!)
After the official pictures of the Spice Girls, Jennifer Saunders and the Viva Forever cast were taken, the bloggers and I finally got to mingle with them (aaaaahhhh!). My nerves did get the better of me and I could not stop talking about how much influence their music had on my childhood. I didn't even let Jemma get a word in edgeways as I was talking so much (sorry Jemma!). 

Geri was so warming and held my hand as we chatted. I then go hugs from Mel B, Emma and Mel C and my life was made there-and-then. I had finally met the women I adored (and still do). It was not only their music, but how they changed perceptions of women in the music industry. They brought back Girl-Power, which was lost in the 70s and 80s. Their costumes were iconic and even today they look incredible!
I chatted to them about how young I was when they were around, yet still managing to learn all their songs and dance moves. I even told them the story when I got up in assemble (at the age of 4) and sang 'Wannabe' to all of the lower school. I didn't even know what the song was about then (and got a telling off from my mum!).
I just realised that I don't think I even introduced myself or said why I was here - oh dear! We got a few snaps with them and they we went of to mingle with the other guests. I found that difficult as my head was in a total tizzy. It's a good thing the other bloggers were feeling the same way!
It was a total blur to be honest, I mean what do you say to the women who created the soundtrack to my first really years on this planet? All I could say was 'thank you so much' and 'I love you all!' I just could not believe that I was talking to them as I was always too young to see them in concert when they toured in 1997-2000. My aunty even promised to buy me Geri's leather green tank top if I was good! Oh boy, what was my obsession with Geri's clothes back in the day?
Towards the end to the event, I met Jennifer Saunders (yes, the comedienne) who wrote Viva Forever. She asked I she had met me before, and I totally fan-girled! Think that was just a kind way of asking why I had been visually stalking her for the entire event, but I just said I was a little blogger. I got a lovely photo with her and also with the three main characters of Viva Forever: Hatty, Dominique and Siobhan. They were so bubbly, friendly and hilarious! We got chatting and I mentioned that I will be seeing the show in soon (I WILL be dancing in the aisles)! They were incredibly cool, and from the little clips I have seen of the show, they are incredible actors and singers. 
Thank you so much Handpicked Media for giving me this opportunity to meet my childhood heroines. I won't forget this day in a hurry!

The Cocktails:
If you are ever near Harvey Nichols (nearest tube is Knightsbridge), 'Stop' for a minute and make sure to 'Spice Up Your Life' and try the new Spice Girls Champagne cocktails! You can go to the 5th Floor and they are priced at £14.50 each and tied with a bow representing each Spice Girl!

Baby Spice - Peach purée and fresh strawberries, Harvey Nichols Champagne
Ginger Spice - Domaine de canton ginger liqueur, rose syrup topped with Champagne
Scary Spice - Fresh chilli, lychee liqueur topped with Champagne
Sporty Spice - Amaretto, curacao bleu and lemon juice topped with Champagne
Posh Spice - Apricot brandy, sugar cube soaked in grapefruit bitters, topped with Champagne
To book to sample the VIVA FOREVER! Cocktails or Afternoon Tea (priced from £30 per person or £75 per person including a ticket to see the show, available until end of February), please contact Harvey Nichols Fifth Floor on 020 7235 5250. To book VIVA FOREVER! please visit or call 0844 871 3055. Piccadilly Theatre, Denman Street, London, W1.
'Say You'll Be There?'

*Update: The day after, I found this message in on my Twitter! I am so happy right now!



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