Sunday, 17 February 2013

LFW Day 2: What I Wore

A note from Joelle...
My camera died when I was in London :(, so here are pics of me when I got home from London Fashion Week yesterday. I also went to the Fashion's Finest Off-Schedule shows at The Westbury Hotel during my long break.
There is no real story behind this outfit  I found my mum's hat at last minute and chose to wear it (with her consent of course). It was mainly to hide my frizzy hair though!

It's a lot going on at once with this outfit and I did get a few odd stares on the tube and train. Oh well, that's fashion! If you have a style you like, OWN IT! :)
Kimono - Boohoo
Aztec Dress - ASOS
Leather leggings - Primark
Leather boots  - Foot Factory
Hat - Alders
Necklace  - Rare Fashion
Jacket - Debenhams

*Pics from the Fashion's Finest shows will be up soon. I didn't get many good pics from the main LFW shows yesterday as I was standing at the back :(


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