Thursday, 21 February 2013

LFW Day 5: Emilio de la Morena and Ashish

A note from Joelle...
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The invite for the ASHISH show showed some London construction workers standing on some scaffolding. ASHISH is famous for spectacular and charismatic shows, so the mystery behind the ticket design was quite fun.
This got me really excited because I imagined models strutting down the catwalk with gas masks, thick boots and fluorescent jackets - all topped with sequins. I guess you can say that I wasn't far off!
Singer A*M*E was recently spotted in the 'The End Is Near' shirt at a festival!
Oh Mr Gupta, you have done it again. How cool are these pieces? I was right about the florescent safety jackets and was wondering how he could incorporate the famous 'Ashish sequins' into the gritty/hectic construction worker theme. I was so amazing with the gritty yet glamorous designs. 
My favourites are the shimmering dogstooth oversized top and the multi fabric denim jumper that you can see above. 
The sequinned hareem pants would look so chic in a variety of looks too - even on a red carpet or luxury party.

The geometric patterns, masculine shapes and loose, oversized garments were stunning in this show.The fabrics are rather heavy (in a good way) and hint back to the early 1970s. It's impressive that de la Morena did not go for the cliché 70s flares and 'flower power' theme and stuck to a more chic style with square cut-outs and and intricate woven fabric.
My favourite pieces are the the teal bi-slit skirt and the burnt-orange vest seen in the pictures above.
*Have you noticed a certain someone in these pics? That's right, Model/Youtuber/Blogger Leomie Anderson walked for both these shows! It's such a coincidence as I am a massive fan of hers. If you are not familiar with her (seriously?) then click on the  links above!
                         What do you think of these collections? Do you have a favourite piece?


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