Sunday, 17 March 2013

Awkward Blogger Moments

A note from Joelle...

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I thought it would be cool to compile a list of awkward blogger moments and see who else it relates to!
  1. Having to explain what a blogger actually does without sounding like an internet nerd/narcissist 
  2. Constantly asking your friends to take multiple pictures of you in public
  3. Balancing your camera on shelves, books and ledges when your tripod breaks
  4. Refreshing your dashboard page in the hope of new comments popping up in orange text
  5. Most of your Instagram and Twitpics are of food (especially cake)
  6. Being completely starstruck when you see/meet one of your favourite bloggers in real-life
  7. The sense of achievement when your favourite blogger comments on one of your posts.
  8. Reading health and fitness blogs... while eating biscuits and chocolate. 'The diet will start tomorrow!'
  9. Not getting into the Fashion Week hype
  10. Getting the CAPTCHA code wrong more than once and finally giving up on the entire comment
  11. Running to the door like a crazy person to check if you have a new parcel
  12. Hi-5ing yourself when you get more page views than expected in a day
  13. Feeling proud of your blog when you hit a milestone - hey, it is your virtual baby after all! 
  14. Buying a new product, but not using it until you get unopened pictures for your review
  15. Moving to Blogger because you couldn't figure out Wordpress
  16. Telling people you wore the gold Michael Kors-watch-and-spiky-bracelet-combo before it became mainstream
  17. Wanting to know more about a blog, but there is no 'About Me' or 'FAQ' page. Why, just why?
  18. Recognising a blogger at an event but you can't remember their name...
  19. ...Or you only know their blog name!
  20. Going to take pics for your blog and your camera has 5% battery
  21. Instagraming every meal you eat outside of your house...
  22. ...(or even worse) forgetting to instagram you meal!
  23. Taking pictures for your next post... then realising the memory card wasn't in the camera or you don't have a card-reader. Ahhhhhhh!
  24. Falling over in your Jeffrey Campbell shoes. 'I thought you said they were comfortable?'
  25. Constantly apologising to you non-blogger twitter followers after #bboggers chats (for the constant tweets)
  26. Seeing a random girl in the street and guessing if she is a blogger or not
  27. Feeling like a boss when a major brand re-tweets or replies your comments on Twitter
  28. Having to ask another blogger what SEO stands for
  29. Getting an invite to a cool event... but you don't live in London, Manchester or Leeds
  30. Wanting to follow a new blog but can't find the 'follow' button
How many of these relate to you? Don't deny it, most of them probably do! ;)
Have any more? Please share them in the comments below! 
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