Thursday, 7 March 2013

New Shoes

A note from Joelle...   

                                          ♫ ♪ Hold Me (Acoustic)  - Tom Odell

When I have a bad week, sometimes I just grin 'n' bare it and hope that the next week is better. This time however, I thought it best to treat myself to some new shoes, nothing overly expensive though. I saw these online and they were just £10 and reduced from about £70! I originally had the link to the shoes in the post, but they have now been taken off the site :(.
What do you think of them? The clear heel is may favourite part, as it's uncommon to have a transparent heel. I think that the clear trend will be even more massive than it is now in a few month's time. Here is my post about it from last month.

The clear heel looks so great and I will style it  with a new outfit sometime this week!
Happy Thursday!


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