Friday, 8 March 2013

Roberto Cavalli Fragrance Review

A note from Joelle...
I first heard about this new perfume in the November issue of Glamour. They had the 'peel and sniff' adverts on one of the pages, so I had a go. This was followed by my screaming (in my head, of course) 'OH MY GOD, THIS IS AMAZING!' and then attempting to rub the entire scented page on my wrist like a loony. 
It was great to receive it and the matching hand cream and body lotion from my parents last year.
A picture from January. This bottle is more than half-way through now :(
  • Price: Around £62.00 (75ml) but other bottle sizes are available from herehere and here.
  • What It Does: This fragrance is the most luxurious scent ever and contains  pink pepper, tonka beans (I don't know what they are either) and orange blossom. It does not have that musky undertone that every other perfume has, which is a relief. I am happy to say that I do get a few compliments for wearing this perfume and I am more than happy to spread the word about it, as it is now my favourite scent in the entire world.
  • My Opinion: I love it. The fragrance, the bottle - everything. I used to use Miss Dior and some other perfumes, but this is the one for me! I do have to say that with this, I have realised that a little goes a long way. Meaning that one spritz on the wrist or neck will do. It will be overpowering for the people you are with if you use more... but it still smells great and does not change aroma throughout the day, like most perfumes.
  • The Verdict: I cannot go back to another perfume again as I am totally hooked. I only wish I could get a travel-sized version though as the metal lid with the Cavalli logo jabs my finger every time I reach for it in my bag. The price may be a bit out of reach for some, but I really do recommend trying it at a beauty counter first and then taking the splurge - I am sure you will love it as much as I do!
  • Rating: 10/10 << that is not a exaggeration, I promise



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