Tuesday, 19 March 2013


A note from Joelle...
The winter term at my university is coming to a close, I could not be happier. I am in dire need of a hug from my parents and a nice, home-cooked meal.
As odd as it sounds, I am also missing the colour 'green'. I live in a really green area outside of London, with acres of trees, fields and parks. As much as I love the city I am in for university, it's so grey and everything is made from stone and concrete!
Oh, and it's almost Easter! The food, the family, the chocolate and the true Message. I cannot wait!

Onto the actual subject of the post. I have been re-applying these polishes for the past two weeks and I still love the colour and the sheen it gives to my nails. Barry M 'Mint Green' and 'Aqua Glitter'. And yes, I am still rocking the accent nail trend after all these years!
I first put on coat-upon-coat of the 'Mint Green', which is questionably turquoise, but I won't start a debate... And then I decided to add a touch of shimmer to one finger using the 'Aqua Glitter'. I think they compliment each other really well. What do you think? 
Ring from Raspberrygrape - more on this shop in a future post!


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