Thursday, 4 April 2013

#PassionForFashion2 Competition

A note from Joelle...
Blogger competitions are so much fun to take part in. I love to see other entries and look at how creative we all are.
I was emailed about this competition with MoneySupermarket a while ago and have only just got round to doing it.
I have created 3 outfits for Casual, Party and Holiday wear (under £200 each).
The entries are judged by 3 bloggers and the prize is a new Summer wardrobe worth £1000. Not too shabby, right?
I you are a blogger and would like to enter, click HERE for the details! You have to hurry though, the deadline is this Monday!

Total = £100.49

Total = £177.98

Bracelets - Boohoo
Sunglasses - Yayer
Total = £178.97

What do you think of my collages? :)


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