Monday, 22 April 2013

Beauty Vs Brains Tag!

A note from Joelle...
This post was meant to be published in December. It was hidden away in my drafts folder (along with 147 other posts!) but I am glad I found it. I tag you all, so please have a go! Enjoy!
1. Favourite Book
I prefer to read plays, if I'm honest but without a doubt, 'Pride & Prejudice' or 'The Group'.  As cliché as it is, I really clicked with it (having loads of sisters) and I think that the issues and humour is still relevant in the 21st Century. Not many books are like that.
2. Favourite Quotation?
'Aspire to inspire before you expire!' - that really helps me to carry on doing my thing!

3. English or Maths?
Definitely MATHS!! I was better at English at school and I have written a few plays and two novellas. But the intensive revision for English exams destroyed me. Maths all the way!
4. Science or Art? 
Even though I am more scientifically minded, I would much rather study a work of art, compose a Baroque chorale and read fashion magazines than spend another second in a  chemistry lab.
6. Favourite and least favourite subject at school?
I HATED biology, so much. I just never enjoyed it at school and didn't get it. I LOVED maths, chemistry, geography and music though. Music and geography being my absolute favourites!!
7. Favourite celebrity with a brain?
All celebs have brains - they are human after all! I would say Eddie Redmayne, I think he did art at Cambridge - You can tell that he is so knowledgeable and looks at the bigger picture of things.
8. If you could study anything anywhere, what would it be?
Geology at uni, oh wait...
9. What is your ‘nerdy little secret’?
Everyone knows this, but a have a big rock and mineral collection. I spent a good ten years collecting, classifying and cleaning them! NERD!!
10. Favourite beauty gurus who you admire for more than their love for beauty/fashion?
I am not a beauty person at all, but I'm getting there slowly. I only wear make-up if I'm going to a formal event, so it's not a huge part of my life, if I'm honest. I am a big fan of Patricia from Britpopprincess and Andrea from Andreas Choice (both on YouTube).

12. Name some things that you’re obsessed with that other people would find strange.
1. I collect semiprecious stones and have done since I was really small. I just love it and in my early teen years, I was mocked because I collected them. I had an ambition to be a geologist from a young age, which immature children didn't understand!
2. London train tickets! You know, the white and orange ones that you get. I have collected about 300 and am going to make them into a dress. I also put some up on my old uni wall, which spelled out 'LDN' (London).

3. I also write plays and novels. I finished my first novel at 12, but withdrew it from publishers. I a such a perfectionist and think that the world was not prepared for my rather odd twelve-year-old mind back then. I am working on the sequel to that book and also a comedy play about four young women!
13. Name 5 people who inspire you (not friends or family)
I'll be here for ages talking about then all, but my biggest at the moment is Josephine Baker. She was a black American-French entertainer that became one of the greatest singers/dancers/actors of the 20th century. She was best friends with Grace Kelly and adopted children from all over the world and loved them like her own. 
Even though people hated on her because of her skin colour, it never bothered her and she just carried on with her work and family! Such an amazing woman!
14. Who is your intellectual soul-mate?
Probably Bill Nighy. I just want to play scrabble with him, okay?!


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