Sunday, 7 April 2013


A note from Joelle...
Like tea?
Like science?
I know the best place for you... Bubbleology! This sci-fi-esque tea shop only sells bubble tea. 'What the heck is bubble tea?' I hear you ask... It's a tea-based drink originating from Taiwan. They are either ice-blended with milk or syrup with tapioca pearls at the bottom. It's so refreshing and oh so tasty. 
The straws are really wide so the pearls can get up the straw easily (some are jelly-like and some pop in your mouth!).
My lovely twitter friends introduced me to the shop after I sent out a tweet about where to find Bubble tea in the city. 
A and I were in the area so we made it our mission to find it. We got lost and then realised we were 
I shared a Strawberries and Cream milk bubble tea  which was amazing! I recommend getting a regular sized instead of a large one if you are not a regular bubble tea drinker (they are not to everyone's taste!).
The staff are called 'Bubbleologists'! WOW
The jelly and pearls!
The décor in the Soho branch is amazing. Love the science tea 'equations' and method of making it.
The staff were friendly, the drinks were lovely and the atmosphere was great - can't wait to go back!
There are stores in South Kensington (The one we should have gone to because we were in the area!), Soho, Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge (5th Floor), Notting Hill and Westfield Stratford.
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