Monday, 29 April 2013

FebGirl's Closet: Fashion Week

A note from Joelle...

♫ ♪ 'Happy Together' - Misty Miller

I thought I would try something new for this post. I am obsessed with gifs, so here's one I made! This is the outfit I wore to a day at Aberdeenshire Fashion Week yesterday. I went with some uni friends to check out the local fashion design talents - I was impressed, but more about that in a future post.
I chose to come in cool High Street pieces that looked quite zany, but meshed well together as a unit. 
I have to admit that I got a few raised eyebrows and (even tuts) as I made my way to the event. Why? Well I am guessing t was because my Primark vest top is 100% sheer, my leather leggings were rather, err tight and the sound of my chunky necklace could be heard from space. I didn't care though - my style is my style. 
Oh, and I did wear a safety vest underneath my top, by the way! The cut-out detail at the top made my buy it last year, but I didn't want that to been seen too much, hence the chunky necklace...
My necklace is from RARE and I absolutely love it. It's a mega-chunky plastic statement necklace that weirdly goes well with a lot of outfit, not just monochrome ones.
My Primark leather leggings have been featured a few times on this blog already and I still love them for Springtime looks.
I have been using my brand new Zara Office City bag so much as it fits anything and everything in it! I am a bit paranoid that the should strap will break under the weight of all my junk though! 

A separate post about the show will follow after this post soon, so watch this space!


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