Friday, 17 May 2013

The 'Deen Scene: CARGO Blogger Event

A note from Joelle...

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Last Thursday evening, I went along to a beauty blogger event in Debenhams. It was a great blogger meetup at the newest counter, CARGO. This is a Canadian brand that has opened it's first ever UK store right here in Aberdeen. I was not familiar with this brand before this event, but I left having learnt quite a bit and was excited to try what I had bought (and have a cheeky rummage through the goody bag!).
The NEBE Bloggers!!

The CARGO beauticians were incredibly friendly and got stuck in straight away with makeovers and tutorials. I went bare-faced (just a bit of primer) to make try the new products first hand. I honestly didn't think that there would be much make-up in my dark shade, but the lovely beautician knew her stuff and found the perfect match for me in seconds. I was so amazed and the foundation and blusher coverage was so light and smooth!
I purchased an amazing 2-in-1 blusher and lipstick in a rosy berry colour called 'Santorini'. I am obsessed with it now!
I am also impressed that they have colours for a huge varieties of skin tones. I was matched straight away with a foundation, and it didn't even have to be mixed with another shade (typical make-up procedure for darker lasses!). The products are also really affordable, which was great.
Very helpful!
The foundations are in pouches (inspired by Capri Sun drinks!) and I  did think it odd at first, but I now realise how practical it is. You can squeeze out every drop the of foundation you paid or and it's travel-size!
This is the lightest foundation I have every had on my face - I could hardly feel it, and I must admit, my skin looked pretty good. It was not oily at all, which is hard to find in a foundation.
2-in-1 concealer and foundation!
Many thanks to Laura from Liparazzi for organising yet another brilliant event (the nibbles were great too!). A big thanks goes to Aberdeen Debenhams and the CARGO ladies too for all their help. They were very generous with their goody-bags as well (I feel very spoilt!).  It was great to meet some new faces and some NEBE bloggers I met last week. Loving our community and will miss it when I leave uni in two weeks! 
If you would like to know more about CARGO, please check out their site HERE and their twitter HERE. Their next opening will be in Dundee!


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