Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Month In Pictures: April

A note from Joelle...

♫ ♪ When the Sun Comes Up - Steve Appleton ♫ ♪

This month has truly been my favourite so far. I had tried things that I had never done before like taking part in a parade and trying new foods. I spent the first bit of April back home in London (as it was the Easter Holidays) and then the rest of it back in Scotland for university.
I can feel the pressure piling up due to the exams I have to take in May, but I can tell that everyone is gradually getting happier as it's getting warmer and less bleak outside. I had a huge spring clean, not only from my flat but also my blog and mind. I de-cluttered all the clothes, jewellery and shoes I don't need and am selling them to pay for a holiday fund. I also de-cluttered my blog and wrote how YOU can do the same. Finally, I am still deep into my 'Worry-free Year' goal, which may sound nuts to a lot of people, but I have not actually worried much about anything this year (although I do call my Mum and moan about a few things!), and I feel great! I know that God is in charge and wants the best for me - it's a great feeling! 
I hope you had an awesome April and here's to the sunny month of May! 
Having my first Bubble Tea at Bubbleology | Blood orange juice on the train | At the Company Mag Rising Stars Party | Blue nail art for Katy's Cosmetics | My new Zara bag (finally!) | Meeting Nina Nesbitt | Burger cakes at the Blogger Bakesale | L and I on a float during a parade in town! | Meal and Frankie & Benny's | Outfit at a local fashion week | D and I during the African Showcase | Making Oreo and Nutella Truffles | Very happy to be at the Science Museum | Beautiful playsuit at AFW | Spicy seafood broth (recipe will be up soon) | New short hair! 

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