Friday, 10 May 2013

Style File #9: Millie Mackintosh

A note from Joelle...
Miss Millie Mack hardly ever puts a foot wrong with her style and that is why I am dedicating this post to her! I did a post about Millie's best bud  and MIC co-star Rosie Fortescue a while back and many of you tweeted that you like both their individual styles. I had to agree with you - they are both very sleek. 
Millie likes her leather and mixes it up in different forms such as shorts, leggings and jackets. She looks great in more subtle nude colours too - it's easy to mistake her for a Swedish fashion blogger! 
I have to admit that I though her style was too flamboyant (those constant fedora hats on Kings Road!) in the first season of Made In Chelsea. But from then up until now I am very jealous of her wardrobe and her style is very versatile. I recently realised that she almost always wears trousers/shorts or playsuits, not really dresses and skirts. I would not say her style is androgynous, but there are a few hints of that.
Have a look at some of my favourite looks of Millie from past events.
I NEED a pair of those black dungarees! 
What do you think of her style? Are you a fan?


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