Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Life Update...

A note from Joelle...

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Here's just a little summary of the stuff that has been going on in my life lately! As I write this, I am packing up my things and will be moving out of my room in a few hours to board a plane back to London.

On the 24th May I sat my last exam and therefore my first year of university is OVER. I am really sad that I'll no longer be a Fresher but I know next year is going to be even better. I have sorted out accommodation with friends and I am moving into a more undergrad-friendly place, which is what I need. I really wanted to quit my course at the beginning because I hated the random modules we had to do that were not geology-related. But, after endless phone calls/texts/skype sessions with family and friends, I decided to stick it out for the whole year. I am still changing my course next year, but to another kind of geology.
I really do like it up here even though I still struggle to understand a thick Aberdonian accent (they can't understand me either!).
It's crazy to think that this time last year I was finishing up my A Levels and moving up here for Summer courses - how time flies!

I own this photo! 
It is unreal how much stuff I have planned over the next 15 weeks. Lots of trips to London, with a few holidays abroad too!
I am a HUGE music and theatre nerd, so of course I have planned a few trips to the BBC Proms and to see a some West End shows. There are lots of deals on (especially 'Kid's Week' and Lastminute) so make sure to grab a theatre bargain with those deals. I am also going abroad for a bit and it's going to be an amazing experience and an adventure!
I will also be finishing off the plays I started last Summer, oh don't I sound cultural, haha!
It's also festival time, YAY! I am seeing one of my favourite bands play with my sister and her uni friend and we will be camping out for a few days - haven't done that in about two years! 

I am reading 'The Group' by MaryMcCarthy and it really is the original 'Sex and The City' from the 1930s. It's not Chick-Lit though, something entirely different.

You must know by now that I cannot go a few minutes without listening to some kind of music, it's a part of me. At the moment I am setting up a holiday playlist and am looking for lots of great house dance tracks and also some fusion stuff too. Let me know if you have any band recommendations!
Tom Odell - I love everything about him, to be quite honest. Can't really say a bad word about the guy: his style, his voice, his piano-playing and song-writing skills are top notch. I am obsessed!  
Jessie Ware - 'Wildest Moments' is played non-stop in my flat! Check out my 'Style File' post on her HERE.
Fake Club - I saw them perform at the Company Mag party and they were INSANE! They an all-female rock band with tonnes of talent and attitude.
Disclosure - Looking forward to the album in a few days. I was in the same music class with one of them so it's great to see them doing so well and showcasing their talent to the world!
The 1975 - 'Chocolate' is such an infectious tune and I have been hunting around for more of their music. I like what I have heard so far.
Lana Del Rey - I LOVED her album when it came out and I often listen to the Paradise edition on Spotify. But, I fell in love with her voice even more when I heard 'Young and Beautiful' in The Great Gatsby film. I listen to it all the time and it doesn't get old - ever!                        
Ralph Vaughan Williams - Okay, so this guy isn't making music any more (he's long gone) but I still listen to the four movements of his fifth symphony and can hum the entire thing off by heart. If I had been able to do that last year, I might have got a A in my Music exam!

Out with the old and in with the new! I am saying goodbye to my rather shocking wardrobe full of dull blacks and blues and am adding more colours and busy prints!
I did want to buy a pair on denim dungarees  but for some season I have gone off them. I am also going to wear more trousers this summer instead of skirts. Tribal/African print is my thing this year, and I love chunky statement necklaces too.

I own this photo too!
My skin has been a mess recently, I not even joking. I just got so caught up in moving out, going out and revision that my skincare regime went out of the window. I was eating more junk food and obviously the results were not too great.
I am still drinking lots of  water and eats lots of kiwis (best summer fruit!), so I think my face will go back to being smooth and spot-free.
Make-up wise, I will be ditching the lip balm and go for vibrant matte colours, why not, right? I have a whole trunk of new beauty products to try back at home so I think I'll be fine.

I have not watched proper TV in months, but I have been glued to a few shows that I have been catching up on online:
Nashville - I have missed the last five episodes, but I'll catch up over the Summer. I was never a big fan of Country music, but this show is turning that around for me. The acting and singing is amazing! 
The Fall - Lord knows how I started watching this program, it's really freaky. The fact that the main serial killer is really good-looking doesn't help the situation too...
The Apprentice - This series is not as good as the last few, but I still watch it religiously every week. 
Made In Chelsea - I love it. I don't care if people think they are just posh twats, they are very entertaining and I love all the dramas!

I wish you all the best if you are sitting exams, going on holiday, working and so on! Have a good break when you can!
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