Saturday, 4 May 2013

Wonton Soup

A note from Joelle...

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My Mum has been making this soup for years and years and it is still a family favourite.
It consists of little parcels of blended meat (or prawns) and  various seasoning inside the a special wonton pastry parcel.  They are boiled in the soup, but sometimes deep fried before being added to the soup. 
The soup itself is flavoured with vegetable stock, Chinese cabbage (optional), soy sauce and more seasoning. The parcels are then placed into the soup when it starts to boil.
1) Make the Wonton parcels by blending prawns(and or pork), (spring) onion, garlic, fresh chilli and soy sauce
2) scoop up a tablespoon amount and place it in the centre of the wonton pastry. Then pick up all four corners and pinch them to seal the filling.
3) Place them in and watch them bounce around! They only take about 6 mins for prawn-based wontons and 11 mins for meaty ones. Some will unravel, but that's life.
I used these pastry sheets from Wing Yip
Serve piping hot with large soup spoons (Traditional Chinese ceramic ones if you have them) and that's it. Bon A Petite! 


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