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10 Things I Don't Give A Sh*t About...

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I don't mean to be so negative, but so many things have been getting on my nerves recently. Excuse my French, but I just don't give a sh*t about the following things:
1. Being the most 'popular' person - *Yawns* Most of us are not in high school any more, so trying to befriend people you think will get you up the popularity ladder instead of finding true friends (I know people who have done this!) is so stupid. Finding friends that you can be yourself around and trust with anything beats that any day. 
True friends don't judge each other -
2. Having a thigh gap - Am I missing something (apart from said thigh gap)? Where did this even come from and how is this now considered 'hot'? It's just space in between your legs, get a grip! Want a real thigh gap without slaving away in the gym all day? STAND WITH YOUR LEGS 20cm APART - DONE!
Do you really think this is a genuine photo? We all know Bey looks nothing like this!
3. My speling: and grammer on twitter - Oh, give us mere tweeters a break! We only have 140 to tell the world what we are doing at that exact moment, so if we make a little error, who really cares? I still have my GCSE, A Level and University certificates to prove that I grasp standard English - promise!
3. How much you love your boyfriend/girlfriend/lover on facebook/twitter - Here's an idea, instead of spamming our newsfeeds with all this soppy nonsense and badly edited photos of you both cuddling in bed... WHY NOT TELL THEM HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM TO THEIR FACE? That will save us reaching tipping point and hovering over the 'un-friend' button) and save you so much time deleting the pictures and statuses when you eventually break up. 
4. 3D Films - Why spend an extra couple of pounds to shriek and close your eyes as random objects fly across the screen? Waste. Of. Money. That extra pound could have gone towards buying more snacks from the convenience store across the road instead of the overpriced junk they sell in the actual cinema (don't pretend you have never done that!).

5. Alexa Chung's fashion - I do like her as a presenter, but that is all. She is the most overrated fashion 'icon' that has ever lived.  She has won 'Best Dressed' at the British Fashion Awards about three years in a row, which is madness (okay, she did deserve it the first time...). Her style is so boring and predictable in my opinion, so why all the hype? 
Nice errr... binbag? 
6. Going bare-faced in public - This is one for you, ladies! Why are you so scared to just walk 10 metres away from your house and into the shops without makeup? You are not going to be arrested by the MAC Police, so get on with it! Some girls my age are so paranoid about being spotted bare-faced in the street and it's ridiculous. It's as if they would prefer actually being bare in the flesh but still have a fresh face of makeup!
7. Safely removing a USB stick from a laptop - Life is way too short. (and I use Dropbox anyway)

7.5 Eating elegantly at buffets - Are you kidding me? It's all you can eat - take it as a challenge and get as much in you as physically possible! No one can judge you as they are all trying to do the same thing. I am the best buffet-buddy ever, by the way. (Yes, I did just make up that role) *pats self on back*
8. Having thousands of Facebook friends - Sorry, but this isn't 2009 any more. The number of 'friends' you have on sites like Facebook, blogs and Twitter does not determine your popularity or worth as a person. Some young people need to stop obsessing over this and go chill outside or something! 
9. My taste in music - One minute I can listen to 'The Little Mermaid' soundtrack, My Chemical Romance the next and then Tchaikovsky after that. Am I ashamed? NEIN! *tosses hair fabulously*
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10. Being alone - In the words of songstress Kelly Clarkson: 'it doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone...'. I went to the cinema alone for the first time in my 19 years on this earth. I got odd looks from the woman at the till, but I just paid, smiled and went into the screening room - simple as that.
I do the same in lectures sometimes too (mainly because I am always late and have to awkwardly sit in the front, spearing the humiliation of looking  for people I know in the lecture theatre like a lost puppy) - trust me, it's very liberating!
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I hope you enjoyed this post. Is there anything you don't give a sh*it about? Feel free to share!
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