Saturday, 1 June 2013

Month In Pictures: May

A note from Joelle...
What a month it has been! I finally finished my first year of university and headed back home last night. I am really relived but sad to no longer be a fresher. My exams went okay, with the exception of one of them, but I'm not going to worry about that too much.
It was great to meet lots of Aberdeenshire bloggers this month too and meet up with them at events - that was one of the highlights of this month.
Lots of stuff happened this month like doing a massive Spring Clean of my wardrobe and blog as well as improving my skincare regime.
The closest I will get to my name on a Coke bottle | CARGO make up palette | Henryka Amber Necklace (been wearing it almost everywhere!) | Bakewell Tarts | Ugly duck pout: Profile Picture Confessions | Sorting out make up | Pure Spa blogger event (blog post coming soon!) | Serious study face | Empty uni bedroom | Please nominate me (Best Lifestyle Blog) for the Cosmo Awards HERE | Hazy nightclub photo | Gorgeous Caramel Jones blouse | House of Caramel Jones label | Messing around | TGI Fridays!!! | Up in the air, coming home for summer!

I hope you had a fun and exciting May. It's now officially SUMMER!!!  Have a good one!
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