Monday, 10 June 2013

Hey, It's OK...

A note from Joelle...

♫ ♪ 'antenna' - fuse odg ♫ ♪

GLAMOUR Magazine UK have this really cool feature called 'Hey, it's OK' and I find it hilarious, as I can relate to a lot of them. I was inspired to make my own list and share them with you! Enjoy!
... To watch exercise videos... in bed.... with ice cream and/or pie
... To ignore emails written in Comic Sans font

... To practise your Oscar acceptance speech with a hairbrush in your bathroom mirror (we all do that, right?)

... To delay replying to a text because they did the same to you

... To say how much you are looking forward to Summer and then complain when it's too hot

... To think drinking herbal tea cancels out the McDonald's meal you had for lunch
... To quickly change your Spotify profile to 'private' before any Disney or 90s music starts playing

 If you have any more, tweet me, or let me know in the comments!

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