Thursday, 4 July 2013

John Frieda Luxurious Volume

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(*) John Frieda Luxurious Volume Range
The packaging and design really stands out and is a great shimmering teal
I was contacted to review some John Frieda products a while back and even though I wasn't familiar with the products, I jumped at the chance. I was curious to find out if brands like this would work well with African-textured (or even weave) hair, so I took a chance and tried it out for a period of 10 days. For the first 6 days, I had my natural hair and then I got weave extensions.

I used it between shampoos on the tracks of my weave hair and it did wonders - refreshing and almost soothing. After getting past the freezing cold blitz when you press the nozzle down, I massaged the fine power into my roots and it vanished straight away (without leaving those annoying flakes). It revived the hair and restored the bouncy volume I had previously in the day - a great result!
I do not recommend this for natural African-textured hair though. It can make it extra frizzy and the fine white powder may look like dandruff flakes! For weaves and other hair, it's fine.

My hair felt cleansed and refreshed after shampoo. To my relief didn't smell of dodgy chemicals like most non-flavoured shampoos do. 
The 'visibly full, touchably soft' slogan is pretty accurate in my eyes as my hair was very soft and silky after I used it. After a few lather, rinse and repeats, I was still yet to see/feel the fullness, however.
(My mother, on the other hand had great results with this on her natural hair and she recommends it!)

I used this on my natural hair after the shampoo and the scent is similar to the shampoo - quite refreshing and light. 
My hair (natural) was left so soft to touch, but not as voluminous and full as I though it would be. I then used it on my extensions and saw a huge improvement in the fullness and volume. 

This product lifts the roots of the hair and thickens it for a natural, voluminous look. This was by far the most effective product on my weave when I blow dried it. My hair looked fuller and I just added a few rollers afterwards for an extra bit of bounce.
The volume (even in the high humidity of London) lasted for a really long time, so I am impressed with this out of all the four I tried.

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