Saturday, 6 July 2013

I'm A Deeper Shade Of Blue

A note from Joelle...

♫ ♪ Summercat - Billie the Vision & The Dancers ♫ ♪

Hi guys! I hope you're well. And before I get into the outfit, yes, I did just use a 'Steps' song as the title of this post - No shame!
Moving swiftly on... I bought this blue skirt last week from Monki (Swedish brand) on Carnaby Street after the #LDBBloggersParty with my girl Ashleigh and it was only £12. I am still not sure what kind of print it is, but I will say 'watercolour', which will be HUGE in the next few months. I really love how it looks because I don't usually wear high wasted skirts. 
As you can see, I have styled the skirt with peep-toe wedges from New Look and what looks like a top tucked into the skirt. It's actually a playsuit from Urban Outiftters that I bought two size too large (hence an awkward cameo from my bra strap). It's every girl's nightmare to wear playsuit over another outfit (bathroom woes), but I really love the colours and prints on both so gave it a go!
Simple yet chic, in my opinion!
 Playsuit (wearing as a top) - Sparkle and Fade (Urban Outfitters)
Skirt - Monki (it's been reduced from £20 to £12, so nab it quickly HERE!)
Wedges - New Look
Diana F+ Camera  - Urban Outfitters or

I am off to a music concert with VInspired today, so very excited. What are your plan with weekend?
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