Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Lewes Mumford & Sons Stopover Festival Day 1

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ 'Diane Young' - Vampire Weekend ♫ ♪

Ama, Gurps and I travelled from Surrey to Lewes on a packed train. Our bags were weighing us down and the scorching heatwave was not helping one bit! The journey was not too long, but we got a bit lost on the way to the camping site and ended up walking up a lot of steep roads on the way to the hight street. Lewes, WHY SO MANY HILLS? It was seriously exhausting, but we found the camp site a queued to ages (with no shade!!) to get our wristbands. It was about 30 degrees and I'm not even joking! But everyone was getting really pumped for the main music in the evening, so we went with the flow!

These handy Motel Rocks glow sticks (*) helped us find our tent in the dark after the concert!
I 'tagged' my tent with these stickers also from Motel Rocks! 
Once we got there, we put up our tent (bit of a fail) and then wondered around the town in search of food, beverages and atmosphere - but mainly food. I wouldn't say we were 'glamping', but we sure did eat out in the high street a fair bit! We had dinner at ASK in town before seeing Vampire Weekend. They were awesome!! Seriously, I love Ezra so much (marry me!!!!!!!!).
The atmosphere was insane and Vampire Weekend really got everyone pumped for Johnny Flynn, Edward Sharpe, The Vaccines and Mumford & Sons tomorrow! They did an hour set and included my favourite songs 'Unbelievers', 'Diane Young' and 'A Punk'!

My phone and camera battery died pretty soon after this photo so, I didn't get many pictures of the first night. If you are interested, I wore my Motel Rocks Vertical Sqaure Dress with Peacocks white sandals.

Post all about Day 2 will be on here soooooooooooon!
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