Thursday, 11 July 2013

VInspired Live: #MyPowerIs

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ 'Love Generation' - Bob Sinclar ♫ ♪

When I was 16, I joined VInspired. No, I wasn't pushed into it by my parents or by the school. I just wanted to make a difference in any way I could. I was only 16, so I started with local events such as organising a talent show in the neighbouring village. I then moved onto bigger things in the Summer of 2010 and volunteered at festivals. My older sister joined as well and we had the most amazing time. We did not know anyone else, but that was part of the adventure and we ended up making great friends with people we would not have met otherwise. I then volunteered at the same festival with my bestie Hannah (she's becoming a bit of a regular on my blog!). It was another great experience and we got over 1000 young people to sign up to the cause we were supporting - incredible! 
I was lucky enough to get tickets to VIspired Live after finding out about the event through twitter. I was so happy that Hannah and I were going, as over 10,000 people applied for tickets there were only a 10th of that available to go! It felt great to go because even though our local VInvolved team was terminated due to government cuts, we were being kept up to date with all the stats and events from the organisation.
We took a train up to London and wondered around Covent Garden for a bit. Then we arrived in Camden, had a (very) speedy bite to eat at a diner and then queued at the Camden Roundhouse to get in.

Speakers: Brooke Kinsella MBE (Knife crime campaigner and former Eastenders actress) - how she has campaigned tirelessly for a change in knife crime law after her younger brother was killed in a knife attack. 'Ben's Law' was created a few years ago due to her campaign.
                 Zoe Smith and Kristian Thomas (Team GB Olympian weightlifter (Zoe) and gymnast (Kristian)) - how they believed in themselves before and during the London 2012 Games and strived to achieve their personal bests at such young ages
               Levi Roots (Musician and creator of Reggae Reggae Sauce) - How he escaped his troubled youth life and turned it around through his passion for music and enterprise.
                 Skepta - London Underground rapper
                  A*M*E - I did a style File post about her HERE
                  Professor Green
Jack and Finn Harries (Jacksgap YouTube Channel) - talked about using social media to gain a voice in the sometimes scary world. 
We should have brought earplugs along when they turned up! The noise was insaaaane!
Presenters: The Amazing Gemma Cairney and Rick Edwards
From the talks and performances, I came out feeling so inspired and beaming with positivity, as did most of the other attendees. The campaign focused around positive thinking and the promotion of self-esteem in young people - something that loads of teens struggle with (including myself in my early teens). The tag #MyPowerIs... was created to ask a generation what makes the special, talented and unique.
Sometimes it is really hard to talk about what our own qualities are, but we can easily do it for our friends. It's not modesty as some teens suffer with such low self-esteem that they really do not know the good things about them.
I came up with a few about myself and would like to share them with you:
  • My Strong Work Ethic
  • My good writing and musical talent
  • My determination to campaign for equality in all aspects of life
It is not the case that I am bragging, I am just letting people know what makes me special and that we all have different and amazing qualities - all of us. Why not try thinking what yours are?Have a look some people that have joined the #MyPowerIs movement HERE!

In total, with the use of Twitter and Facebook we reaches over 30 million people through our tweets/statuses about the event - there were only about 1500 people in the roundhouse! THAT IS INSANE!
I have a new YouTube Channel, where I will edit my footage and vlog about the day, so stay tuned for that!

Stay awesome!


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