Tuesday, 6 August 2013

BBC Gospel Proms

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ GAvotte Pavlova - linke ♫ ♪

A few weeks ago, I treated my entire family to a night at the proms. They had always wanted to go and the Gospel Proms night sounded like so much fun, so I booked the tickets at uni and waited for their arrival two months later (you have to book early to get the good seats!)
If you didn't know already, the BBC Proms is the largest music festival on the planet, lasting over 100 days at the Royal Albert Hall in London. It's mainly classical-genre music but one-off shows (like the Dr Who, Wallice And Gromit, Urban, Electronic an Gospel Proms) take place.
The show started at 10.15 pm - very late, so we took the car instead of the train. Us being us, we were running late but found miracle parking outside the Royal Albert Hall just in time! From there, we practically ran to our seats and got a program.

Now, this wasn't a usual night at the proms where you quietly sip your beverage whilst catching ever other note of Brahms piece. The audience were encouraged to get up, wave their program and dance to the beats! Some people not used to gospel and Afro/Caribbean-styles of worship were a bit reluctant at first, but by the middle, even the oldest, most conservative people were shaking their hips, which was the most surreal thing ever! 
It's tradition for the people to come and stand at the front for the full Proms experience. Those tickets are super-affordable too! We were seated at the front, which was also nice!
The place was packed - unusual for 11 o'clock at night!
My sisters really enjoyed the show
My dress is from Select Fashion
Clutch from River Island
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