Sunday, 25 August 2013

The YouTube Generation

A note from Joelle... 
Lots of teens and young adults (like myself) rarely sit down to watch TV anymore. Truth is, it's boring, not that funny anymore and uninspiring. For me, it just doesn't connect as well as YouTubers.
Through YouTube, we have found something much better...  On YouTube, there are hundreds of real-life people who have a knack for making funny, entertaining and helpful videos - and it's free to watch! 
This YT phenomenon is only getting bigger, with more people being inspired to make videos and reach out to thousands of people on the receiving end.
Do you recognise any of these amazing YouTubers?
It's also great to see our favorite YouTubers making a name for themselves outside of YT as well, for example Dan Howell (danisnotonfire) and Phil Lester (Amazing Phil) now host an Award-winning Radio 1 show on Sunday nights. Not forgetting Michelle Phan's new cosmetic line 'Em'
The great thing is that's there's something for everyone. Whether you like beauty tutorials, comedy or just watching people record their daily lives, YouTube has it covered.

Here are a list of my favourites and links to their channels. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
American Comedy:

American Beauty:

The Brits! (Vlogging, Comedy and Beauty)

Australian Vloggers:

Do you like any YouTubers that I haven't mentioned? Let me know below!
And If you don't believe the 'YouTuber hype', think about this. I was at special concert in London and more people screamed and cheered when The Harries Twins arrived than the actual popular musicians performing at the event! It's was so interesting to see!
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