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Have you heard that new Eliza Doolittle song, 'Big When I Was Little?'. She references loads of 90s things that she loved as a child and it inspired me to write this blog post! I am a few years younger that Eliza, but we still grew up in the same era, so some of the things might overlap! Enjoy!

Skorts/Pedal Pushers - They weren't jeans, leggings, trousers or even shorts! I don't even know if 'pedal pushers' were their legit name! Every young girl owned AT LEAST three of these and in more than one colour! They were cheap and our parents said they went with everything. That was a straight up lie!
Onto skorts... *sighs*, I didn't understand them then and I don't get why they are making a comeback now!

Butterfly Hair Clips - What the hell even were these cheap pieces of plastic? Getting one of these little clips tangled in African-textured was PURE AGONY! And to be quite honest, no one pulled off wearing them - not even 90s idol Sarah Michelle Gellar - look how cray she looks!

Bandanas - Hannah from S Club 7 and the All Saints girls always wore bandannas when performing, so I HAD to get one in their honour! My collection of different coloured bandannas was pretty impressive and I had no shame wearing them almost every day during the summer holidays.
Weird Tops - I was never old enough to be allowed to wear these as they were quite revealing. That didn't stop my obsession for the, though. Britney, Shakira, Christina and the Spice Girls all wore them, so I really really wanted one too!  Now I look back, I don't know what I was thinking! They were so hideous!

source source
I had something really similar to this top above, and thought I looked the bomb! I didn't.

Hair Mascara - I got my first one free in issue 6 of S Club 7 magazine (How do I remember that?). It turned my hair rock hard, but I didn't care as all the kids in my neighbourhood worshipped my silver and pink highlights... Well that's what I thought! 
Hair Crimping - I tried crimping my hair once at a sleepover and it looked soooooo bad. My hair is really short and it puffed out and looked frazzled and weird! Clearly not meant for Arfican hair!! I was still a trend that I always liked in my youth though - ghd's and Babyliss curlers were nowhere to be seen!

Chokers - I saw Faye from Steps with one in a music video, and I was sold from then on. She was my fashion idol back in the day, so I had to buy one too. I remember getting one in a party bag but it was too loose around my teeny neck. I stapled the loose bit over and it was so tight, I almost suffocated... True story! Lesson leant!
Body Gems - These were the ULTIMATE accessories when going to a friend's party or a school disco. I remember buying some with pocket money, but my mum found them and forbid me to wear them outside the house! I was also dumb enough to believe they were stuck on with a hot glue gun...

Roll-On Glitter -  I broke out in a rash every time I used this, but did that stop me? Of course not! All the glamorous/popular kids uses body glitter on their chest, arms and back, so I have to do it too! Lame, I know...
Jelly Shoes - My silver glittery shoes meant everything to me! You could wear them at the park, on the beach, out shopping with your parents, etc. The list was endless. Plus they were the comfiest shoes I ever owned! 

I would love to know what was big when YOU were little! Let's turn this into a TAG! Let me know below! There is no better feeling than nostalgia! 


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