Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Quarter-Life Crisis

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ '50 Ways To Say Goodbye' - Train ♫ ♪

Okay, so I am turning 20 soon and I think I am having some kind of quarter-life crisis. As I am about to enter a whole new era, I will have to leave some teenage-behaviour behind *she types as she sobs into her Smurfs T shirt*
I know the feeling, Darling...

Can someone please tell me the age you are meant to start appreciating the taste, origin and age of wine? 
It burns down my throat, yet I pretend it's the best thing ever. Why? Because I want to look classy and sophisticated in public. But in all honesty, I will be dreaming about having a cocktail pitcher all to myself.
I sometimes even do the 'obnoxious-wine-swirl' to convince people I did some kind of sommelier course in Western France - I need help!
Goodbye, sleepovers
I now refer to sleepovers as 'crashing' at a friend's place, which really takes the enjoyment out of the whole thing. (By enjoyment, I mean the sheer bliss of someone else cooking for you and wifi I won't be getting a bill for...). 
I mean, sure, we can still stay up gossiping, but this time it'll be about our dodgy exes and demon bosses instead of that promiscuous girl in our form group.
Or (more realistically), they could turn into this... such fun.
Painting and Decorating
No, it's not eggshell, chartreuse and auburn! They are white, yellow and brown. The end! 
I have realised that when people get to a certain age, knowledge of traditional colours go out the window. 
If searching for new wall paint colours will be 'folly', fern green', 'Ecru,' 'Cyan', 'Claret', 'Ao', 'Cerise' and 'Umber'.... Did I miss something here? What happened to the colours we slaved away leaning in pre-school? It was all a big waste of time then...
I don't think the 20 packets of Angel Delight,  Cheese Strings and Super Noodles are going to cut it any more. If I want to progress into my 20s without health problems, I'll probably need to start looking on the back of packets and caring about fat, sugar and salt content. This is also the time where I try to convince you that I don't have time to shop for better foods because I'm a uni student, but we all know that's bullsh*t.
Also, is this the decade in my life where I need to stock up on more adult foods like quinoa, salmon goujons and 'garnishes'?
Oh the fun!

Font Politics

The second I hit 20, playing with 'Wingdings' in a public environment will be out of the question. Such a shame, but it will now forever remain as a pastime. I will also have to reconsider using pink Comic Sans when writing emails (or anything)! I am totally joking, who still uses Comic Sans? *looks round the room nervously*
It is probably time to change my email address
One that I made when I was 11 is something like: Yes, everyone did the same and I thought it was really cool. Just imagine that mess on my CV? I'll be laughed out of the interview... If I even get that far!

I can't even relate to little kids, as we were born in different CENTURIES! 
HOW can someone born in 2000 already be a teenager? I remember the Millennium like it was yesterday. 
Kids these days grew up with the Internet, mobiles and don't even know what a cassette tape, Sony Walkman or floppy disc were used for!
And don't even mention 'Kenan & Kel', as they will just stare at you blankly. What is this generation? I keep saying to my little sister the dreaded phrase 'back in my day...' - and we all know things go downhill from there!
Surely I am not the only person approaching real adulthood and going through this crisis? Or maybe I'm just a bit of a drama queen...                  Holla! Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Bloglovin'


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