Monday, 12 August 2013

Holiday Postcards with TravelSupermarket

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ 'Surfin' USA' - The Beach Boys ♫ ♪

Even though I often complain about long flights and jet lag, I really do love to travel. My favourite places have been Beijing, Amsterdam, San Diego and Catania in Sicily, but one place stood out the most!
A few years back (Aug 2009), my family and  travelled to California, USA and stayed in both LA and San Diego. It was amazing!

What did I love about being away?
It was my first ever time in the United States, so I was excited to see what California was like in real life! Everything was brighter, happier and bigger over there, which was a bit of a culture shock, to be honest. Strangers would say 'good morning' and 'hello' to you on morning on their morning walks and shop assistants SMILED (a rare thing for us Brits to see).

The moments that made my trip so special were...
Trying American foods- you may laugh at this one, but I had never tried s'mores, marshmallow fluff, corn-dogs and Lucky Charms. All of these are hard to find in the UK, so we went all-out trying to find these foods!
With that said, swimming in the warm Pacific Ocean, staying with my Aunt and hanging out with our American neighbours was the highlight of the trip.

Just taken before I tried my first corn-dog...
... I didn't like it that much!
If I win the £1000 prize money (fingers crossed!!!), it would go towards my trip to Iceland, where I hope to see the volcanoes, swim in the blue lagoon and explore parts of the country!
I am sure I will be the only blogger that would enjoy a cold holiday climbing active volcanoes, but hey, it will be an adventure!

This competition is run by Travel Supermarket and the deadline is 20/08/2013, so get your entries in! You can find all the info HERE.


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