Tuesday, 13 August 2013

They See Me Rollin'...

A note from Joelle... 

♫♪ Rollin' - Limp Bizkit ♫♪

I literally came up with so many music lyrical puns for the post. The top 3 were:
They See Me Rollin'.. (Tryna catch me ridin' dirty)
Keep Rollin', Rollin', Rollin' Rollin' (remember Limp Bizkit?)
How We Roll
Proud Mary, Keep on Rollin'
Okay, they were all actually quite lame, but you get the drift of this post! 
My best bud Amani celebrated her birthday last week and some of us got together in London to party! After a beautiful picnic, we hopped back on the tube and headed to Skate, Kings Cross.
Loved my blue skates! Only wish I skated better in them!
The pop-up skate rink was right next door to Central St Martins (the Oxford of fashion/art schools)
 Where the hipsters hang out
 There was also chilled R 'n' B music blasting and free wifi the Instgram your day
Amani and Roxana
Our satchels are from La Moda
My blazer + shorts - ASOS
Amani's dress - Joy Boutique
Hannah and Amani  ready to go
Beth was such a natural with the skating!
Go, Mani, GO!
Just a quick heads up: a can of Coca Cola is £1.50 and the cocktails/shakes are about £7+! If you do get thirsty, I would bring a bottle of water with you.
After the skating, we only walked about ten metres and sat on deck chairs to watch the beautiful fountain display.
Watching clearly wasn't enough...

The water was FREEZING!
There are no skating photos of me for a reason, guys! I. Was. Horrendous! Little kids were doing laps around me, so peak. But it was so much fun and I will go again before it closes!
On Saturdays, they have DJs and themed nights of the roller disco, so if that's your thing, head down! If you are in London, don't miss out! This is only a pop up event and it will close on the 6th Sept.
Sessions are in 2 hour slots - which is plenty of time! 
*Tickets were £9 for us because we were students, but they are about £12 for everyone else (excluding concessions) 
You MUST book tickets in advance HERE
Check out their website HERE



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