Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Best Dressed At The MTV VMAs

A note from Joelle... 

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We all saw the MTV VMAs a few night's ago right? Some of us watched in awe as Justin Timberlake and NSync reunited. Or in shock during Miley Cyrus' 'performance'. But enough about that!
In my opinion, so many celebrities looked horrendous on the red carpet - what was wrong with them? 
With that said however, the following artists got it right (thank God!). 
Ellie Goulding in a very spiky gown!
Naya Rivera on the red carpet at the MTV VMAs 2013
Glee star Naya Rivera in a stunning cut-out black gown
Taylor Swift on the red carpet at the MTV VMAs 2013
Whoa. I didn't even know Taylor had this figure! The plunging neckline is so daring, but she looked great in this Herve Leger midnight-blue gown
Ariana Grande looked sweet in this floral skater dress by Kenley Collins
Who was your best dressed on the night? 
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