Saturday, 14 September 2013

London Fashion Week: Day 1

A note from Joelle... 

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I was a lot more prepared this season that I was in February! This season, I am writing up shows for the British Style Bloggers site so I had more of a structure. I am only going to a few big shows at Somerset House this year, which is fine by me, I get so nervous going to those on my own!
 I firstly attended the Yifang Wan show, which was a great experience. You can find my review of the show HERE. At the show, I saw girl-band Stooshe sitting directly in front of me #FANGIRLING! I wanted to be professional, so didn't ask for a picture with them, but they posed for photos with Yifang so I could get some good snaps of their outfits!
I then went to the German designer Kilian Kerner presentation, which was so elegant and beautiful! Finally, I went to the Ekaterina Kukhareva show, which as wonderful. Posts on these two will be on the blog tomorrow :)
I then went to chill in the New Look and Muse TV LFW suite at the Waldorf Hotel, which was great too!
I then met up with my best friends Hannah and went for a lovely Byron Burger, but got SOAKED in the rain!  Ahhh fun, fun, fun! 

Stooshe with Yifang Wan 
I wore:
MASSIVE oversized jacket - vintage ( and my sister's, but shhhh!)
Lace Blouse - Republic
Skirt - Monki
Necklace - H&M

Byron Burger!
I own all of these photos
More LFW posts to come! :)


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