Thursday, 26 September 2013

The 90s Tag!

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ 'Brimful Of Asha' - Cornershop ♫ ♪ 

(that song from the 90s that you know but don't know...)

Favourite Disney film?
PETER PAN! We borrowed it from the library literally every week and watched it as if we had never seen it before. We were also very fond of The Lion King and Cinderella.

Favourite music artist?
I can give you a very long list: The Spice Girls, Venga Boys, Aqua, Backstreet Boys, A1, 5ive, Lolli, All Saints, B*Witched, S Club 7, Boyzone, Billie Piper, Westlife, Eternal, Destiny's Child, TLC, I could go on and on!! 

Favourite candy/sweets?
I loved flying saucers and normal lollipops  There was also these fizzy drinks called Panda Pops, which came in crazy colours. It was filled with so much sugar that they took it off the shelves at the end of the 90s :(.

Favourite game (board game, school game etc)
I LOVE Hungry Hippos and got soooo competitive at it. I also loved my Barbies with a passion and feel so bad for making my parents spends absolute fortunes on them!

Favourite McDonalds Happy Meal Toy?
I like Polly Pockets, Dennis the Menace toys and that's all I can really remember. I remember getting a Furby in my Happy Meal and wanting to cry (they scared me so much!).

Favourite book?
I was a massive nerd and spent lots of time reading the Atlas, but when I was a bit older I really got into Jacqueline Wilson books. My collection of her books are at about 30! My parents and teachers got really worried because I only wanted to read her books!

Favourite clothing store?
It has got to be Tammy Girl, right? My mum always took my sisters and I there and it was little girl Heaven. Also, I really liked Claire's accessories and would always go in with about £3 and see how much I could get. Loved the girliness of that store.

What would you watch when you got home from school?
As there was no CBBC channel yet, CITV was the place to be! They had Art Attack, Rosie and Jim, Bernard's Watch, The Worst Witch, Postman Pat, Recess, Sabrina The Teenaged Witch, Tom & Jerry, The Power Rangers, Come Outside.On BBC there was Brum, Pingu, Smart, The Queen's Nose, Blue Peter! There were also sitcom shows like The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Sister Sister, Clueless, Friends, Absolutely Fabulous, Birds Of A Feather and Kenan and Kel.

Ahhh, the memories!
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