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Blogging 101 Part 2 - How To Promote Your Blog

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This must be the most asked question in the bloggershpere and if you're a newbie at blogging, you are probably feeling a wee bit anxious that your blog isn't getting many hits.
Firstly, it's important to remember that we all started at 0 hits and 0 followers - but it's essentially down to amazing, original blog content and great promotion that will get you on your way! 
To be totally honest with you, it took me three months to get my first follower! But two years on, this has rocketed to quadruple figures, so anything is possible with a lot of work and fun along the way!
Try not to take your blog too seriously! There's no such thing as a perfect blog, so make it your own!

1. Make sure you have easy buttons for people to click on! - It's easy to forget that you actually need buttons on your blog so that readers can keep up to date with you posts! You can make HTML buttons with Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google Friend Connect, Google Plus, Tumblr, Youtube, Instagram and Bloglovin' links easily.

2. Make sure the the follow buttons are near the top of your blog - It's practically common sense to put the buttons near the top of your blog or around the sides as potential followers might forget to click if they have to scroll down the blog for ages.

3. Comment on the blogs, then leave you link at the bottom - This does not mean writing something like 'nice post' [your link] or 'follow me and I'll follow you back'. Although they might get you a handful of followers to begin with, they will not be loyal and you will probably still only be writing to an empty audience.
You have to be polite and actually read their post first. Then you can leave your blog link next to your name for them to potentially click on.

4. Get Social - Are you on Twitter? If not, then you really should be. It's a great place to have chats and discussions with like-minded bloggers. It's also a great place to promote a new post you have written with a link to it attached. Mos bloggers get the most traffic from Twitter. Don't forget to put your blog link in your bio section too! 
With that said, try not to post a link every 5 seconds on your twitter. it could get a bit annoying for your followers.

5. Take part in twitter chats - If you respond to a few questions and get involved, other bloggers may follow your blog if they like your online personality! Use the links #fblogggers (fashion bloggers) and #bbloggers (beauty bloggers) to join in on the chats on thursdays and sundays from 8pm GMT.

6. Go to meetups - This may seem daunting if you are a new blogger, but this is the best way for form great friendships and find great blogs to read. You can also make business cards for your blog, as it's easier to hand them out instead of having people write down the blog name.

7. Guest post on other blogs - This involves writing a one-off post of a blogger who has gone on holiday or want writers. It's usually unpaid, but could get your blog noticed a bit more if you write well and include your blog link at the end!

8. Join a Blog Hop - These sound really lame, but they are a great way to find new blogs and let people find yours! All you have to do is add your blog link to the growing list and that's it! Lots of other bloggers will find you and often leave nice comments.
Try to avoid the blog hops were you HAVE to follow like, 10 blogs and comment on every one. That's boring and takes the fun out of it a bit.

9. AVOID PAYING FOR AD SPACE - Guys, just don't do this until you are certain you are getting what you are paying for. In my opinion, paying of ad space on other blogger's blog is the most pointless thing you can do to promote your blog (unless they give you a clear screenshot of their stats!). If they refuse to give you a screenshot, they are lying about the amount of traffic they are getting and you should not pay them a penny. 
That may sound harsh but coming from experience, there is no point paying £££ for a service that only brings two or three visitors to your blog. You need to get your side of the deal as well.
A great alternative is creating an HTML 'button' and doing button swaps with other bloggers.

10. QR Codes - I have a little QR Code on the front of my business card and also in sticker form, which  place anywhere I go. People are curious and might scan it with their smartphone to see where it takes them!
Just search for a QR code generator online to create one that is tailored to your blog URL/

I'll stop there before this becomes an essay! I hope this helps you on your blog journey! For last week's post on how to start a blog, click HERE. The next post in this 'Blogging 101' series will be on staying safe on the web! If you have any more questions, feel free to tweet me @Joelle_o! 
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