Friday, 18 October 2013

Blogging 101 Part 4 - Getting Through Blogger's Block

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Blogger's Block - we all get that feeling where we no longer know what you blog about and feel uninspired. We don't want to feel excluded from the fast-paced blogosphere, so we often post half-hearted articles that don't get that much attention. Staring at a blank page really sucks and can get us down.
This then turns into a cycle of 'no inspiration - average blog content - feeling glum' X 10. 
If you are feeling like this, firstly, you are not alone and secondly, take a deep breath and read the following tips to hopefully get you through this temporary rough patch! 
1. Realise you're worth - The blogosphere won't be the same without you - seriously. Someone out there reads your blog (even though they might not comment) and you may never know how much it means to them!
You may not have the number of followers you would like, but the only way you can reach your goals is by putting in 110% into your blog. Having an open mind when it comes to varying content is helpful too!

2. Calm down, it's not a race - It may seem that lots of bloggers are getting 'bigger'/more 'successful', with more readers, magazine coverage and twitter followers but you have to go at a speed that's best for you. Even if that's one post a week, just make it a good'un and you will be fine.

3. No blogger is an island - There are other bloggers available to help/encourage you 24/7 on places like Twitter. Don't be afraid to use the #fbloggers (fashion bloggers) or #bbloggers (beauty bloggers) tag to ask questions or to get tips!

4. Get inspired - Pinterest, Tumblr and Bloglovin' are great sites to browse through. The pictures alone can inspire your (eg for a recipe, fashion post or nail tutorial) so don't know it 'til you've tried it!

5. Get inspired... Offline - There is a world outside of the Internet that we can't neglect! Sometimes it's best not to force it and just live your life. Blog ideas may come to you that way!

6. Listen to your readers - Why not set up a poll asking your readers the kinds of posts they like the best? Even though it's your blog, It's great to give your readers a chance to let you know what they like to read.

7. Respond to comments!!!! - This doesn't mean replying to every 'great post' comment left on your blog. This means checking out the reader's links (if they left one) and connect with them on their site. You may find a new blogging pal or find a cool new blog to read.

8. Take a break - It doesn't have to be a long one, even a weekend to chill out and do other things could re-ignite your passion for writing.

9. Make notes - Whether it's on your phone or on paper, little blog ideas, titles and sketches can lead to great post idea, so keep a little bit of paper handy!

10. When in doubt, TAG! - Don't knock tag posts until you've tried them. It's a great way for readers to get to know you and you can be as creative as you like with the answers. They are great 'filler' posts to add in between fashion, beauty or lifestyle posts, just to vary the content a bit more. If you want to find cool tags to do, just use the search bar on twitter!

I hope this article helps you through blogger's block. If you have any other tips or tricks, let me know below! :)
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