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11 Blogging Myths: BUSTED

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I hear tonnes and tonnes of blogging bullsh*t everyday, so I thought I should put the record straight for some blogging sceptics or new bloggers who are feeling a bit worried. Obviously, I am not an expert, but I do know a bit about blogging, encouragement and common sense, so let's get started!
  1. The blogging community is over saturated. There's no point of starting one - If you think it's saturated then fine, don't start blogging. But you're missing out!
  2. Blogging is for vain teenagers - Actually these days, most people start their blogs as adults from 19-25. Yes, there are some vain people out there but if they want to express themselves through blogging, let them! We don't have to read it.
  3. I need a fancy DSLR camera to be a good blogger - False, false, FALSE. Use what you've got to the best of it's (and your) ability. If you take a few minutes to read your camera manual, you might find awesome lighting technique or buttons you didn't know existed!
  4. It's rude if I don't respond to every single comment on my blog - No it's not. Although it can be nice for the person that commented, it's not vital to to reply to every single one. Sometimes you just can't find the time to do this on every post. Some bloggers are really ridiculed over this, which is not fair. There are only so many 'thanks' comments you can leave after every 'great post' comment. And surely, people should not be just leaving comments just to get a reply? They should leave a comment because they were interested in the content of the article! With that said, totally ignoring all comments left on your blog is a big no-no. You need to make your your readers are being respected too.
  5. Blogging is more than posing in front of a camera - YES! It's actually very difficult to run your own website, then promote it and come up with more original content. But it's fun, that's why it's so popular these days.
  6. Blogging is overhyped and will get less popular in a few years - (Web)Blogging has been around since the late 90s and has it died down almost 20 years later? Nein! I have a feeling blogging will be around for a long, long time, but will evolve along with technology. We need to accept this and embrace it, as it is giving anyone with a keyboard and a brain, a virtual voice.
  7. Blogging success means having thousands of followers and page views - To some, 'success' is defined by big numbers, but that's not all it is. Meeting a little blog goal or even gaining a new follower is classed as success too! Don't let the stats consume you.
  8. I have to learn about SEO to make my blog bigger - Search Engine Optimisation techniques can be handy, but it's super confusing so don't feel bad if you don't fully understand it. If you are interested, there are lots of self-help guides that are FREE online. My advice is to not pay for an SEO service unless you are 100% sure it's not a scam and that you know what they will be doing to your blog.
  9. Great content is the only way to make your blog a success - This is also false, surprisingly. Unfortunately it's a mean world out there and great content doesn't always get found straight away. You NEED to promote your blog in order for readers to come, they won't always come to you first. Now, this doesn't mean spamming links across Twitter and Facebook all day. It means using relevant tags and hashtags and also posting at a prime time where more relevant readers might be online.
  10. Only fashion and beauty bloggers get attention - These two are very popular blog genres, therefore there is an increasing interest in them as well as coverage  But did you know that there are lots of incredible video bloggers (YouTubers), craft, lifestyle, technology, politics, art, food, fitness, travel, relationship, business, music, film, etc bloggers too? The list is endless and there is something for everyone.
  11. 'It's too late to start blogging. I'll never catch up to everyone else's standards.' It's NEVER too late to start writing and getting creative. That is the beauty of blogging! If you want your own space on the web to showcase your thoughts, go for it! There's no such thing as 'everyone else'!
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Thanks for reading! Have you heard of any other blogging myths than need to be busted? Let me know below! 


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