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Blogging 101 Part 5: Understanding Blogging Terms

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This post is similar to the one I wrote for the British Style Bloggers page, which you can find HERE!
When I started blogging, I didn't have a clue about all of these terms and phrases! I was too embarrassed to ask more established bloggers incase I looked like an idiot, so I just googled most of them in the early days! 
Whether you have been blogging for ages or have just started, it's a good idea to get clued up on basic lingo, as some people in the industry expect you to understand and use them fluidly. You might already know a few from this list, but it’s still worth a little read. Blogging can seem like a foreign language at times! 
Affiliate – A marketing strategy by brands/companies to form a relationship with bloggers. These programs work by the blogger endorsing a certain product (which is gifted to them) and in return, the company receives backlinks/followers/traffic from the blog. Other schemes work where a blogger is given a discount code from their readers and often gains a small percentage of commission from every purchase from that code.
A/W - 'Autumn/ Winter' - in the fashion world, the seasons are bonded together like this. For example, the most recent fashion weeks in February were showcasing AW13 collections.
Backlinks (also known as ‘inbound links’) – These are incoming links to your blog. They are very important in terms of SEO because, the  more backlinks your blog has, the higher up in the Google rankings it is.
Blog Button - A virtual business card made from and HTML code and a picture. Lots of bloggers do ‘button swaps’, which consists of placing each other’s blog buttons on their blogs to gain more exposure and traffic. The HTML 'grab box' allows readers to copy your blog code onto theirs.
Blog Hops - A link-sharing scheme where you leave your link and blog name and check out the other blogs on the hop. It's a great way to find new blogs, but don't join if there are too many rules.
Blogroll - A list (often with clickable links) of other blogs that a blogger reads/is familiar with.
#BBloggers - ‘Beauty Bloggers’ tag on twitter. The main chat is 20.00pm BST on Sundays.
Bounce Rate - How long people stay on your blog once they find it. This is shown as a percentage on Google Analytics.
CAPTCHA - A type of word verification that reader have to fill out before leaving a comment. It's to catch out spammers and bots, but can be very frustrating for legit readers if they get it wrong. You can remove it on Blogger by going to settings > Posts & comments > show word verification > no
Custom Domain - A website URL that you have customised by paying for it For example, my original blog domain was I bought a shorter domain for a small fee and changed it to 
Disclosure - a short paragraph or sentence explain blogger morale (such like a small-print statement).  It could state things such as pledging to give honest reviews and state sourced and gifted items. Very similar to terms and conditions all companies must have by law.
#FBloggers - ‘Fashion Bloggers’ tag on twitter. The chat is Saturdays 8pm British time

#FF - This is a twitter tag that stands for 'Follow Friday. Every Friday some people on twitter give a shoutout to people they think everyone should follow. So if you get a notification with #FF in it, it's all good and you might want to say a little 'thank you'! 
Followers - People who follow your blog by signing up to either Google Friend Connect, Bloglovin' or another network. There is a difference between followers and readers though
Haul – Bloggers from across the spectrum often post an article/video on what they have bought over a certain period of time. They sometimes describe the product and the nature of its purchase.
HTML - Four letters that spreads fear upon most blogger’s faces. It stands for ‘Hypertext Markup Language,’ and is a coded system that can allow bloggers to create many cool designs, tags, colours fonts and links! There are LOADS  for self-help guides on the web to make HTML less scary to novices.
Keywords – Words and phrases that describe you blog post. For example a review you wrote about a new lipgloss could have the keywords: ‘lips, beauty, make-up, high street, Rimmel‘ attached to it. The more keywords you have, the easier it is for people using search engines to find your article/blog.
#LBloggers - ‘Lifestyle Bloggers’ tag on twitter. The main twitter chat is 19.00pm BST on Sundays.
Meetup - An event where bloggers get together to socialise. This could just be for a few drinks to discuss all things blogger or a big party in the city.
Monetisation - A way to make money from your blog. This could be through AdSense accounts, sponsored blog posts, affiliate links, etc.
Niche - The little ‘spark’ that makes your blog stand out. Finding your blog niche in such an 'oversaturated' community can be hard, but you're not usually the one who finds it – it’s your readers that do.

#NOTD - Nails Of The Day (as in nail art)
OOTD -  'Outfit Of The Day’, a regular hashtag and blog title for fashion bloggers to showcase their daily outfits.
Platform - Virtual networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Pinterest… the list is endless!
SEO - ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ refers to techniques used to give a post or a blog a better ranking in search engine results. For example, this can be done by repeating key words and phrases or by having lots of inbound links. Sadly, lots of fake companies have caught onto the blogger/SEO craze and offer bloggers ‘exclusive SEO packages’ in order to improve blogger rankings on Google. If you receive emails asking you to pay hundreds for this service, it is probably a scam and you should not provide them with your details!
Spam - Annoying and unwanted comments that want to leave backlinks/promote their crappy site on your blog. It's usually stuff that has nothing to do with your blog and are easy to spot. Check out my Funny Spam Comments feature HERE!
S/S - Spring/Summer. Fashion Week in September will be showcases SS collections.
#TBloggers - 'Teen Bloggers' tag on twitter
Vlog - A 'video log' (usually on Youtube) where a vlogger talks to a camera instead of writing thoughts on a blog.
#WIWT - 'What I Wore Today'. It is also a popular outfit lookbook site created by Poppy Dinsey
YouTuber - A person (or group) that have a Youtube channel and update it regularly.
Was this glossary helpful to you in any way? I would love to know if you want another word/phrase added! Sharing is caring! Happy blogging!
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