Friday, 27 December 2013

The 'Deen Scene: Cocktails in Korova

A note from Joelle... 
The fabulous thing about living in Aberdeen is that there is a place to unwind on almost every corner of the city. 
I am on a quest to try out as many bars/kitchens as I can before I graduate in two year's time! It can be done, right?

After a rather stressful day, D and I stopped at Korova Bar and Kitchen for some fruity refreshments.
It's located on Bridge Street, just a few seconds away from the hustle-and-bustle of Union Street. You can even see the harbour from outside!
 D, being a real diva, ordered a Pina Colada, which wasn't even on the menu. Nonetheless, the staff made it for her much to our surprise!
 Someone's happy!
 I was a little less adventurous and went for a frozen daiquiris 
There was a bit more ice in there than I wanted, but it was still quite nice and refreshing
The bar (at street level) is open in the day for cocktails and lunch. It was nice to see the staff welcoming back their 'regulars' and also helping D and I choosing our cocktails
There is also a really cool mural on the wall by the basement stairs.
We didn't go down, but heard there's another 'klub' with a more chilled vibe, big leather sofas and mood lighting.
This bar is owned by local people and is a great place to come for live alternative gigs at night and meals/cocktails during the day
If you are ever in the 'Deen, come down to Korova! You'll probably find me on a comfy sofa in the corner sipping on more cocktails!
18 Bridge Street
AB11 6JJ
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