Monday, 9 December 2013

Once: The Musical And Cabana

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ 'Falling Slowly' - Once Cast ♫ ♪

This post is soooooo late but, I still really want to share it with you, if you don't mind.
I hopped onto a train with Amani and Hannah and we headed to the West End of London, famous for its many theatres and amazing restaurants.
We booked a pre-show meal and Cabana - a quirky Brazilian restaurant in the heart of the city and we were so impressed with the food!
They brought us our chicken skewers still sizzling on the skewer and sliced it off and onto our plates right in front of us. A lady from another table saw this, and asked to have what we were having! 
 We all opted for the mango sorbet, which is honestly the best sorbet I've ever had -super creamy and refreshing.
With our tummies full and our  ears ready for some live music, we headed down to the Phoenix Theatre. Even though we were seated in the grand circle, we rushed down to join the cast and some audience members ON STAGE! No, we weren't singing ans dancing, but the stage was a real pub and you could buy drinks and stand on stage as the cast performed live Irish jigs! 
It was an incredible experience! 
If you didn't know, the show is about the power of music and love and features the Academy Award-winning song, 'Falling Slowly'. 
It's not your average glossy musical with overdone makeup, jazzhands and fairytale endings. There are only about 12 cast members and they hardly ever leave the stage!
It's emotional, raw and really powerful! Every member of the cast can play an instrument and the vocals are out of this world! 
You HAVE to go and see it if you are in London! 
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