Wednesday, 27 February 2013


 A note from Joelle...
Just a quick post to let you know that it's my birthday! It's my first one in uni away from family, but my big sis has joined me for the week up here! I'm not very well though and have the flu, so it will be a quiet-ish affair this year!
* Trivia: I share a birthday with Peter Andre, Josh Groban and Elizabeth Taylor (RIP).

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Loserville: The Musical

A note from Joelle...
                                       ♫ ♪ 'Holly, I'm the One' - Son Of Dork

I have known of this musical since when my sister and I went to audition for the NYMT in  way back in February  2009. It was originally for the youth theatre company but then transferred to the West End in 2012, to our excitment

It's set in an American High School in 1971 and every song is written be James Bourne (from Busted and Sons of Dork) and Elliot Davis. I really wanted to see it before it closed on the 5th, so my sister and I headed down to the Garrick Theatre in Leicester Square for the show in early January.
Being us, we were 10 minutes late and had to do the embarrassing, apologetic shimmy into out seats, thank God were were on the aisle. We had also been upgraded to the stalls so we were thrilled!

Michael Dork and his Star-Trek-obsessed friends are attempting to send the first ever email. Just like all coming-of-age stories, there are always bump along the way with the pressures from friends,  the ‘popular’ rival gang, the beautiful  girl who is out of his league.

With the catchy tunes from Son of Dork’s 2005 album ‘Welcome to Loserville’, the colourful costumes and powerful vocals from the cast, the story really does come to life in a big way.
The set was a wonder in itself; giant pencils and notepad props to create the scenery and everyday items and metal ‘pop out’ frames to make the science setting.
The youthful cast and supporting company (‘geeks’ and ‘geekettes’) have so much energy on stage but never seem to dwindle or tire out. With the brilliant choreography and well-written jokes, Loserville really was the breath of fresh air that the West End needed.

I will say it again: the cast had so much energy, it was insane. The vocals were superb and the dancing was incredible. The company of dancers (or Geeks and Geekettes) really shone individually, which is rare for a company of that size. Not forgetting to mention, they were all so good looking! It's like they all stepped out of a Hollister campaign (that is a compliment, I promise!)!
 My favourite songs are 'Holly, I'm The One', 'Sick' and 'Ticket Outta Loserville'.
But the cardboard props and sci-fi setting were a work of art. I was even impressed with the lighting (which is rare for me, as I don't usually care).
Special mention has to go to Aaron Sidwell, who played the lead Michael Dork for his outstanding performance  I had no idea he was 'Stephen Beale' in Eastenders until I looked in the program!
Richard Lowe as 'Lucas' was incredible - not just the acting, but the vocals! He is seriously one to watch out for on the theatre circuit.
Finally, Daniel Buckley was hilarious as 'Francis'. I also recognised him from 'Fresher: The Musical', which I saw in the Pleasance Theatre in Summer 2011 (I think).

Here's the trailer!
It's a real shame that it closed early, but I am sure that there will be a tour soon and hopefully a cast soundtrack.
After the show, my sister and I realised that there was no way we could have done well if we were cast in 'Loserville' back in 2009. The choreography would have almost certainly killed us.


Monday, 25 February 2013

Quote of the Week

A note from Joelle...
On Wednesday, I turn the big 1-9 and I cannot wait! I hope you have a wonderful and blessed week whatever you are doing! 
"The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is
 laughter." ~ Mark Twain

Have a great week!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Spicy Squid Stir-Fry

A note from Joelle...
When most people think of eating things like squid and octopus, they do not pull the prettiest of faces. The thing is it's perfectly healthy (if cooked correctly and eaten fresh) and it tastes great!
Here is my spicy squid stir-fry with rice recipe!
I started off my boiling some basmati rice in a rice cooker. It never burns in a profession rice cooker, so I do recommend using one of them. If not, a pan with water is fine.
Prep your vegetables first! I ribboned my carrots, and then chopped up my mushrooms, green chilli, onions, garlic and red pepper. As it is a stir-fry you can use any vegetable you want.
I then cut the squid into thin-ish rings and seasoned with soy sauce and ground white pepper.
Pop the onions, garlic and chilli in first and give it a stir. The aroma is amazing! Then add the rest of the veg. You can also add vegetable stock with a small cup of water to make it less dry.
The squid goes into the pan last because if does not take than long to cook. It you leave it in for too long, it becomes to rubbery and hard to eat. 

My rice was done band on time!

BOOM! We are done! It spicy, but really healthy and tastes great.


Friday, 22 February 2013

Bunch Of Tossers:Pancake Day!

A note from Joelle...
*Sorry this is so late!
Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday is so much fun (and way more enjoyable than Valentine's Day!).
I spent the evening with D and L, flipping pancakes, eating lots of different fillings and having a good old gossip as I had not seen them in forever!

We went for a blueberry coulis make up of blueberries, sugar and some cinnamon all heated up in a pan until the berries exploded with beautiful purple-ness.

We also went for golden syrup, lemon and sugar and of course everyone's favourite...NUTELLA!

L and D having a good time!
 I managed to flip my pancake over perfectly for the FRIST. TIME. EVER!
*Waits for applause...

Thursday, 21 February 2013

LFW Day 5: Emilio de la Morena and Ashish

A note from Joelle...
                                                       ♫ ♪ 'Who's That Girl?' - Eve ♫ ♪
The invite for the ASHISH show showed some London construction workers standing on some scaffolding. ASHISH is famous for spectacular and charismatic shows, so the mystery behind the ticket design was quite fun.
This got me really excited because I imagined models strutting down the catwalk with gas masks, thick boots and fluorescent jackets - all topped with sequins. I guess you can say that I wasn't far off!
Singer A*M*E was recently spotted in the 'The End Is Near' shirt at a festival!
Oh Mr Gupta, you have done it again. How cool are these pieces? I was right about the florescent safety jackets and was wondering how he could incorporate the famous 'Ashish sequins' into the gritty/hectic construction worker theme. I was so amazing with the gritty yet glamorous designs. 
My favourites are the shimmering dogstooth oversized top and the multi fabric denim jumper that you can see above. 
The sequinned hareem pants would look so chic in a variety of looks too - even on a red carpet or luxury party.

The geometric patterns, masculine shapes and loose, oversized garments were stunning in this show.The fabrics are rather heavy (in a good way) and hint back to the early 1970s. It's impressive that de la Morena did not go for the cliché 70s flares and 'flower power' theme and stuck to a more chic style with square cut-outs and and intricate woven fabric.
My favourite pieces are the the teal bi-slit skirt and the burnt-orange vest seen in the pictures above.
*Have you noticed a certain someone in these pics? That's right, Model/Youtuber/Blogger Leomie Anderson walked for both these shows! It's such a coincidence as I am a massive fan of hers. If you are not familiar with her (seriously?) then click on the  links above!
                         What do you think of these collections? Do you have a favourite piece?

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A Message To My 13 Year-Old Self

A note from Joelle...
                                           ♫ ♪  Star - Kelis feat. Cee-Lo Green
Firstly, I have no regrets. Everything I have done in my life has led me to where I am now, so it's all good!
These are a few tips I would give to my 13 year-old self:

*BACK GROUND NOTICE: I went to an all girl's school. It was really enjoyable, with the occasional  bit of bitchy behaviour on the side. It was an overpowering ocean of oestrogen after all! It was no St Trinian's, but it was no convent either...
  • Stand up to that bully! That's right folks, I was picked on everyday for two years by the same girl and her annoying minions. She would pick on me for the tiniest of details and made me feel even worse about myself and how I looked. It took me an entire year to finally stand up to her in the middle of a PE lesson. It turns out, that girl (who will not be named, but she knows who she is) had more issues than Vogue and lost most her her friends in the following years at school. I could have taken this as my cue to tease and pick on her as she did me, but I am glad that I was raised better.
  • Take up another sport! When I was 13, I badly injured my ankle during a netball match. I was put in a wheelchair and could not walk on it for two weeks. Then, I had four months of painful physio and a swollen foot. This made me quit sports (apart from yoga) especially ones where you have to be in a team. I focused more on music, which was great, but being in an active team would have been awesome.
  • Green eyeliner and blue mascara are NOT a good look! I honestly don't know what came over me when I was a teen. I bought this light green eyeliner and wore it around like I was the bomb. I also topped off the look with electric blue mascara - Just imagine the horror...
  • Ask for help more! My life would have been so much easier if I had accepted that it was impossible for me to be amazing at everything. My academic life would have been made a lot easier if I had asked for help more and accepted my faults.
  • Accept compliments with grace and a smile. Whenever someone complimented me, I never knew how to respond because my self-esteem had hit rock bottom.
  • There is nothing wrong with being the 'nice' girl! I was always called this and it really got to me in a weird way. I felt that people didn't see anything else but 'nice' and it made me one-dimensional. My friendship group were the nice group that were open in accepting new people and stuff. But after a while, we grew tired of being the 'backup' friendship group for girls that had fallen out with their normal friends.
  • Stop being so cold! I got to a stage where I didn't want to be nice any more: perhaps it was the hormones? I only realised this when someone asked me 'why are you so vex all the time?' I wanted to punch him in the face for saying that, but only because I knew it was true. The thing is, I tried so hard not to be socially awkward during really awkward situations, which never ended well because I just would not speak. I also suffered from 'Chronic Bitch-face', which meant that my face was just naturally in a frowning position (through no fault of my own, of course...)
  • Good on you for not fitting in! I was really blessed to have discovered at a young age that there is no such thing as 'normal'. Knowing this allowed me to do my own thing and not care about people looking down on me! I am really happy that I told people about my hobbies without a care in the world about their sneers and mockery. I was a flute player (and still am), a precious stone collector (still am!) and I had written two novels by the age of 14. I would get the occasional eye-roll and 'what-makes-you-think-you're-so-special?' look, but it never bothered me. At the end of the day, I can look back and see that I had goals and hobbies and didn't just sit on the sofa all day.
  • Don't try to fight other people's battles! I really did mean well as a young teen, but sometimes I got involved in these huge dramas just to help a friend, when they really should have done it themselves. I didn't know the difference between being a good friend and getting in the way of other people's situations. But at least I wanted to help people!
  • Comparing yourself to others is pointless! Urrrgh! A day didn't go by where I wasn't comparing my size, shape, talents, personality, popularity, etc to the other girls at my school. It honestly took over my life as I thought every one else just had a better life (especially social lives). I remember taking a photo with two of my friends on a mufti day. We were wearing princess tiaras and we looked amazing. That was when I realised that I already had the best friends in the entire world and I didn't need to compare myself to others. After that I stopped taking my friends and life for granted.
That's it! It wasn't meant to be that deep, but I really enjoyed writing this. I challenge YOU to write a post to your 13 year old self. I would love to read them! If you are not a blogger, I would still recommend you try this - boy, it's good to take a trip down memory lane! :) If you do try this, please leave the link below.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Burberry Prorsum Autumn/Winter 2013

A note from Joelle...
                                          ♫ ♪ 'Country Song' - Jake Bugg
Burberry is referred to as 'Quintessentially British' time and time again in interviews and articles. But that is exactly what it is! No other brand had managed to create a brand with that is both nostalgic to Brits and also gleams with classic grace.
Tinie Tempah, Jake Bugg, George Craig, Freida Pinto, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Anna Wintour, Joe Dempsie (Chris from 'Skins' series one), Rita Ora, Douglas Booth, Olivia Palermo, Gabby Wilde, Michelle Dockery (Mary from 'Downton Abbey') and Kate Beckinsale were all there in the front and secondary row for the Burberry Prorsum show yesterday.
*Burberry is just Latin for 'forwards' if you are unsure! And this collection is called 'Trench Kiss'.
Burberry Acoustic performers Tom Odell performed live at the front of the catwalk and Paloma Faith and Misty Miller tracks were also played. The coolest thing was the backing gospel choir completely kitted out in the new black Burberry matte trench coats.
When I was younger, I remember when Burberry went through a bit of an identity crisis back in the late 1990s. With the classic camel-coloured check pattern regularly being associated with 'CHAV' culture and thus bringing the respect of the luxury brand down a notch.
I have come to the conclusion that Christopher Bailey is a genius. He has completely transformed Burberry into a more respected and world-renowned brand, with extremely covetable pieces every season.

Here are my favourite pieces from the most recent Autumn/Winter collection:

Pictures from The British Fashion Council - Collage by FebruaryGirl.

The only suitable word for me to describe the show as was 'dazzling'. The music from Misty and Tom really set the mood and (I know this may sound bizarre to some but) the models walked at a steadier, calmer pace, yet being fierce and confident at the same time. That helped to bring the pieces to life more in my opinion.
Speaking of models, Burberry catwalk veterans Jourdan Dunn, Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss all strode down the catwalk effortlessly.

My favourite textures and prints from the collection can be seen in my collage above: the tinted perspex detail in the trench coats/skirts, giraffe print and circular metallic cut-outs being my favourite.
A massive congratulations to Christopher Bailey and his team!
What do you think of this collection?

What's In My Bag? LFW Special

A note from Joelle...
                                        ♫ ♪  'Don't Save Me' - HAIM ♫ ♪
It was my dream/pleasure to be invited to some shows at Fashion Week this year and I am really grateful to be given that chance! Going alone was really scary but the majority of people were so friendly and helped me to get to the right place at the right time.
Next time, I hope to be even more confident and take some street style snaps for this blog! 
Clutch Bag - This gorgeous bag was a Christmas present from my best friend. She knows me so well! It is from River Island and I don't shop there that much, but I am so glad she got this little baby for me!
Mifi - I carry around my own mobile internet now so that I can always get online and don't have to scour London cafes for their free wifi. This is from Three.
Purse - Obvious reasons! I got this as a Christmas present from my other bestie! It's great for loose change and cards.
Chewing gun - To keep me minty fresh when on the go.
Little Black Book + Pen - from Selfridge's and it reads 'Fashionista' I Have Met And Liked' on the cover. I like to get bloggers, editors, models and other people that I meet to leave a little note in it for memories-sake. I tried to take notes from a few shows, but I was more interested in getting photos on my camera to be honest!
Pink Champagne Vaseline - I LOVE this so much (and bought it the same day as the little black book!) It doesn't taste or smell of champagne, but it does it's job!
Mirror + Balance Me Rose Lip Salve, Lip Gloss - That's right folks, I alternate between lip balms. This one is rose scented and feels like you have a breezy English rose garden on your lips! I'm not even exaggerating! 
L'Oreal Carbon Black Telescopic Mascara - I stopped using Benefit 'They're Real!' for this one and i haven't looked back since!
Business cards - I got these made be Moo in January. I cannot believe it took me this long to get blog business cards. I didn't really think my blog was professional (or good enough) for that, but they have made a real difference.
Mobile Phone - What's this? A blogger without an iPhone? OMG, something must be wrong! ;)
Roberto Cavalli Fragrance - The best perfume I have ever had the pleasure of smelling. I smelt a sample in the November Glamour Magazine issue and then begged my parents to buy it for me for Christmas. It really is amazing!
Tablet - A new addition to my blogging life. I now have a cool tablet. It's about 3/4 the size of a iPad and is really handy (and cheaper!). I did mange to tweet live from a show from it, so it's great!

Have you been to Fashion Week? What would be in YOUR bag if you went?

Monday, 18 February 2013

London Fashion Week: Day 2 - Moschino and David Koma

A note from Joelle...
I got a piece of the fashion week action and headed down to Somerset House and also The Westbury Hotel for on and off-schedule shows. 
Being me, I was late to pretty much all of my shows, my camera died early on in the afternoon and I couldn't take off my hat as my hair-grips had welded to the woven material - nice one. 
With all that said, here are my personal highlights from a few shows today. *The Rihanna for River Island show review will be up tomorrow (but I am still shattered from that EIGHT HOUR train journey from Scotland to London, so it might not be...).
Photos from the British Fashion Council (Collage by FebruaryGirl.)
Here are the really varied looks from the Moschino Cheap and Chic show. The dominant trend was monochrome accompanied with black (or no) lipstick and eye shadow.
The baby and hot pink looks showed the softer (yet still electric and edgy) side of the collection, which was refreshing to see.
Photos from the British Fashion Council (Collage by FebruaryGirl.)

Here's my review of David Koma from a few weeks ago! Just look at those sculpted shapes! Georgian-born David Koma is an expert in the sculpted, yet feminine look. No wonder the likes of Cheryl Cole, Pixie Lott and The Saturdays are all fans.
Syncline-shaped curves and peplums were dominant and I actually like it for once. David Koma has converted me into a peplum fan! The platform cut-out shoes that you can see in the photos are lovely and bold too.
Not much on the make up front though - extremely neutral and nude, accompanied by low-lying hair buns.

This has been my favourite collection so far!

Trend Alert: All In White

A note from Joelle...
My picks are all from the High Street!
                                                          ♫ ♪ All In White - The Vaccines

What do you think of my picks?



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