Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Embrace Your Inner Nerd! 8 Nerdy Facts About Me

TyA note from Joelle...

♫ ♪ 'Slacker' - Son Of Dork ♫ ♪

This was the first and last time wearing this tee by the way...
People are now so afraid of being seen as a 'nerd'/'loser'/'geek'/'neek' that they are either A) hiding their true passions from their friends, because they don't want to be judged/ridiculed. Or B) Quit their passions in order to fit in with everyone else. To that I say 'BOLLOCKS!' This life is way too short to pretend to hate the things you love! - no matter how 'geeky' it is!
I was really close to quitting playing the flute because some b*tches in year kept taking the piss. Little did I know, one of those girls had been a wee bit jealous (her words, not mine) and was taking private flute lessons at home! Ha - I did not see that one coming! 
Here's my list of nerdy facts about me! Enjoy!

1. I love classical music - Yep, that's right! I love Mozart, Handel, Purcell, Tchaikovsky, Ravel, Walton, Bach, Haydn, Chopin, Liszt, Debussy, Vivaldi, Dvorak, Mendelssohn,  Rimsky-Korsakov, Rossini, Saint-Saëns, Puccini, Grieg, Vaughan Williams, Strauss, those are just off the top of my head!

2. I collect precious/semi-precious stones - I have been doing this since the age to 7 and am not going to stop any time soon. I guess I like shiny things with a history. I have over 200.

3. I want to ride every line on the London Underground in one day (and film it for evidence) - Oh come on, this sounds awesome, right?

4. I sit and watch University Challenge... for fun - I learn loads from it! 

5. I am a HUGE fan of seeing plays and musicals at the theatre - It has always been a hobby of mine and I hope to carry this on when I'm old and grey. I also collect programmes from the shows!

6. I am a pro at removing viruses from computers - Does this count as a party trick?

7. I am teaching myself to play the marimba (It's like a big xylophone with resonators...) and it's harder than I thought!

8. I know the capital cities of about 150 countries - I plan to learn the rest!

I say to you... embrace your inner nerd and enjoy your life! As long as you are not boring (and the same as everyone else), you're all good!
I want to make this into a blogger TAG! Have you got any you would like to share with me? ;)

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Monday, 29 July 2013

Breakfast At Baltica

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ Dust Bowl Dance - mumford & Sons ♫ ♪

On the second day of the Lewes Stopover, Ama, Gurps and I went scouring the town for breakfast. That was a total fail because the pub we were in got or overwhelmed with orders that they closed the kitchen. We had been waiting for over an hour and got so annoyed as they were about to take our money and not tell us that our food will come in tow hour's time - the cheek!
Tired, aching, boiling, angry and hungry we left the pub and tried to find another place - we found the Baltica Cafe, which is also a Polish pottery shop. All the crockery is handmade and so unique with the blue and white design.
We had to wait for about 20 minutes to be seated, but it was worth it. The main owner was so lovely and friendly to us too, which was what we needed after the ordeal and the pub!
 I clearly don't have a steady hand when making gifs!!
 I was so hungry that I ordered an almond croissant (my new favourite food!) and a pot of Earl Grey to share with my sister. We all then ordered a full English breakfast.
Ama and Gurps happy to finally have food!
There was also a socket to charge our phones near the table - double happiness! 
I'm not one for bread, but this wholemeal sour dough was the most delicious thing ever!

 Near the entrance, there is a pottery shop where you can handle a few of the pieces and buy some as souvenirs - so cute! 
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If you are ever in Lewes, East Sussex, check it out! Baltica Cafe 145 high street


Sunday, 28 July 2013

La Moda: The Chicest Handbags On The Web

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ 'Girl's Just Want To Have Fun' - Cyndi Lauper♫ ♪

I found this brand last night through another blogger and I took one look at the bags and immediately thought that my student budget couldn't afford a single item. I then looked at the prices again and said 'whaaaaaat?'. It's a great student/purse friendly site, and the quality is still superb! 
At that moment, I went to the satchel section (you can never have too many satchels) and bought the Leah D. Blue satchel (for just £20). Yaaaaay! I can't wait for it to arrive!
I couldn't decide on my favourite bags to feature in this quick post, so I chose SEVEN (whoops!)!
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

Saturday, 27 July 2013

What's In My eBay Basket?

A note from Joelle... 
I haven't done one of these in a while, so enjoy! All links to the items are below.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Lewes Mumford & Sons Stopover Festival Day 1

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ 'Diane Young' - Vampire Weekend ♫ ♪

Ama, Gurps and I travelled from Surrey to Lewes on a packed train. Our bags were weighing us down and the scorching heatwave was not helping one bit! The journey was not too long, but we got a bit lost on the way to the camping site and ended up walking up a lot of steep roads on the way to the hight street. Lewes, WHY SO MANY HILLS? It was seriously exhausting, but we found the camp site a queued to ages (with no shade!!) to get our wristbands. It was about 30 degrees and I'm not even joking! But everyone was getting really pumped for the main music in the evening, so we went with the flow!

These handy Motel Rocks glow sticks (*) helped us find our tent in the dark after the concert!
I 'tagged' my tent with these stickers also from Motel Rocks! 
Once we got there, we put up our tent (bit of a fail) and then wondered around the town in search of food, beverages and atmosphere - but mainly food. I wouldn't say we were 'glamping', but we sure did eat out in the high street a fair bit! We had dinner at ASK in town before seeing Vampire Weekend. They were awesome!! Seriously, I love Ezra so much (marry me!!!!!!!!).
The atmosphere was insane and Vampire Weekend really got everyone pumped for Johnny Flynn, Edward Sharpe, The Vaccines and Mumford & Sons tomorrow! They did an hour set and included my favourite songs 'Unbelievers', 'Diane Young' and 'A Punk'!

My phone and camera battery died pretty soon after this photo so, I didn't get many pictures of the first night. If you are interested, I wore my Motel Rocks Vertical Sqaure Dress with Peacocks white sandals.

Post all about Day 2 will be on here soooooooooooon!
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Monday, 22 July 2013

KronKron, Icelandic Fashion

A note from Joelle...  ♫ ♪ 'LITTLE TALKS' - OF MONSTERS AND MeN ♫ ♪
                                                Herden Top Vertigo and Ms Q Vertigo Trousers
I am so happy right now. I FINALLY found the designers behind Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir (lead singer of Of Monsters And Men)'s Glastonbury outfit. You might be
thinking 'who cares about some random singer's outfit?' But I do. It was a gorgeous flurry of watercolours and
was a silk crop-top and trousers.
I literally went crazy typing in everything I could on Google. I even tweeted Nanna on twitter, but alas, no reply. 
I tried again a few minutes ago and it came up with the Facebook page for Icelandic brand KronKron. I clicked 
on the link and I found the outfit!! I was so happy it was unreal.

Nanna wore this so well and made it casual with leather army boots, whilst performing with the rest of Of Monsters And Men.
It's really nice to see Nanna supporting her national Iceland fashion brands. I, for one, am so glad to have discovered KronKron because their clothing and shoes are so special.
Ms Q Vertigo the trousers HERE 
I love this on too! Just look at the colours and the silk! 
Check out their links below and get lost in the colours and amazing shoe designs!
KronKron Facebook

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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Festival Wishlist

A note from Joelle... 
Hi guys!
I am off to the south for a three-day long music festival and I am soooooooooo excited! We will be camping as well (not glamping unfortunately). When it comes to festival fashion, I all all for the feathers, flower crowns, short shorts, maxi dresses and crazy tribal prints!
Here is a little wishlist I put together of cool pieces from some online stores! All the links are below. Enjoy!


Monday, 15 July 2013

Virtual Displays Of Affection

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ 'Love Kills' - Roberto Bellarosa ♫ ♪

                                                             (^^That creepy teenage boy from the Eurovision!)
Social networks have been pissing me off more than usual. I am SICK AND TIRED of people on my facebook, twitter, instagram, etc confessing their undying love for their other half in really inappropriate ways. I call this VDA: 'Virtual Displays of Affection'. Is that a real thing? I think I just penned a new term! *Pats self on back* (Just found out It's a real term, damn.)
I honestly (*places hand on heart*) cannot remember a time where I have not shuddered at cringe-worthy and totally embarrassing VDA statuses/tweets. They only seem to be getting more OTT and annoying as the months go on, and it's making me laugh so much and uncomfortable at the same time. 
There was a time where people just told their partner they loved them face-to-face, when they saw them. What happened to that? No one had to know about it (or bitterly roll their eyes) and it was simple and private. Now, when scrolling down facebook and twitter, we see stuff like: 'Can't believe it's been two months since we got together. Luv u sooooooooooooo much, [insert cringey pet name here]. Hope you're ready for tonight ;)'. I guess it's now a trend to brag about the size of your boyfriend's errr, manhood as well now too! Jeeez, some people forget they have families on these social networking sites!

I have to admit that in the past, I might have posted a few corny, but mild facebook posts and stuff, but I think once or twice it's okay. I just don't like seeing couples that have been together for literally a week sending those facebook love heart and virtual cards (who seriously pays real money for virtual cards?) and showing off that they are in a new relationship. I can't be the only one that thinks this, right? 

I just think that too much VDA can damage a new relationship. Think about it this way...

Step 1: You change your facebook status from single to 'in a relationship' - YAY! You are now part of the elite crew, where you can get about 60 'likes' and congratulatory comments from your friends about your new status. This sudden surge of popularity will leave you beaming for a few days as you think people care about you and your new love.
Step 2: Now that everyone knows that you are in a new relationship, you are subject to immediate scrutiny from your online peers (especially the single ones). You therefore up your game and start posting photos 
Step 3: The more you start tagging each other in soppy tweets/statuses, the more people will consider un-friending you - simple as that. 
Step 4: As the likes and retweets die down, you start posting check -ins like 'Location: In the boyf's bed...' - The amount of times I have seen ratchet girls post this is insane. It's just too much information and no one really cares ! To make things worse, we think it's just the status but then its an awkward selfie of the couple cuddling in bed (doing some other  things..) and that really is the final straw for me.
Step 5: The girl usually goes a bit crazy with indirect tweets about 'jealous friends not being there' for her and how she 'can't trust people any more except the boyfff ♥xxx '. It makes it even more depressing going through messages,untagging pictures and possibly unfriendly once the relationship turns sour.
Step 6: Couple get paranoid about each other, analysing number of 'xxxs' on the end of messages and they seek advice from respective friends (if they still have any).
Step 7: General coldness and/or 'tough love' from said 'jealous' friends and things get awkward from then on, all because of too much info on Facebook. *Queue Taylor Swift song lyrics as statuses/tweets*, over-relation to Bridget Jones, blah, blah, blah.

The thing I find so funny is that some couples post so much stuff about their partners online, and THEN have the AUDACITY to complain that other people 'are getting involved in their relationship' and then get mad. Are they even for real?! If you spread your overly-edited photos and soppy crap all over the place, that's what will happen eventually.
This isn't a Disney film where baby deer and chipmunks rush to your feet with every romantic outburst you make - it's real life, and sharing too much information online just doesn't cut it.
Overall, there really is nothing wrong about sharing your love with others, happiness is contagious, so it's good to pass that on. Just don't become an annoying attention seeker and tell your partner that you love them in person. Please, for all our sanities.
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Lace At Polesden Lacey

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ 'There She Goes' - The Las ♫ ♪

A few days ago, my mother and three sister packed up some water and a few picnic baskets and headed to watch Shakespeare's 'A Comedy of Errors' on the lawn. Polesden Lace in about a 45 minute drive from where I live, which is handy. It's a gorgeous manor house and park owned by the National Trust and is used for loads of society and seasonal events. 
Fashion-wise, my entire family wore black and white, by total coincidence! We must have looked like one of those really strict dress-code families, but I thought it was hilarious. I never wear white, so when I found this dress (which I bought at Uni, but never wore) and these sandals that I have forgotten about, I thought they would look nice together  I have had these faux-ivory sunglasses for ages and featured them many-a-time on the blog  last year.
Apologies about the picture quality, iPhones can only do so much!
Dress - an oldie from Primark
Sandals - Peacocks
Satchel - eBay
Sunglasses - H&M
There was no stage, instead a natural mound was used and 'backstage' was in the leafy forest behind the mound. I thought that was really cool.
It was boiling hot! I mean, as an African, I couldn't stand the heat and was tempted to tip my ice cold bottle of water on my head. We didn't stay for the entire play, but what we saw of it was really funny! If you live near the country, there are bound to be open-air theatres and music nights on the grounds where you live. With great weather, food and company, it makes for a great day out.
I know some of you might think that open-air plays in the country are just for rich, old people, but that really is not the case. There were people of all ages and ethnicities, which was so great to see! Despite it being too hot for us out in the field, I would come back again! They do 'Lazy Jazz Sundays', so I might be back sooner than I thought.

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Thursday, 11 July 2013

VInspired Live: #MyPowerIs

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ 'Love Generation' - Bob Sinclar ♫ ♪

When I was 16, I joined VInspired. No, I wasn't pushed into it by my parents or by the school. I just wanted to make a difference in any way I could. I was only 16, so I started with local events such as organising a talent show in the neighbouring village. I then moved onto bigger things in the Summer of 2010 and volunteered at festivals. My older sister joined as well and we had the most amazing time. We did not know anyone else, but that was part of the adventure and we ended up making great friends with people we would not have met otherwise. I then volunteered at the same festival with my bestie Hannah (she's becoming a bit of a regular on my blog!). It was another great experience and we got over 1000 young people to sign up to the cause we were supporting - incredible! 
I was lucky enough to get tickets to VIspired Live after finding out about the event through twitter. I was so happy that Hannah and I were going, as over 10,000 people applied for tickets there were only a 10th of that available to go! It felt great to go because even though our local VInvolved team was terminated due to government cuts, we were being kept up to date with all the stats and events from the organisation.
We took a train up to London and wondered around Covent Garden for a bit. Then we arrived in Camden, had a (very) speedy bite to eat at a diner and then queued at the Camden Roundhouse to get in.

Speakers: Brooke Kinsella MBE (Knife crime campaigner and former Eastenders actress) - how she has campaigned tirelessly for a change in knife crime law after her younger brother was killed in a knife attack. 'Ben's Law' was created a few years ago due to her campaign.
                 Zoe Smith and Kristian Thomas (Team GB Olympian weightlifter (Zoe) and gymnast (Kristian)) - how they believed in themselves before and during the London 2012 Games and strived to achieve their personal bests at such young ages
               Levi Roots (Musician and creator of Reggae Reggae Sauce) - How he escaped his troubled youth life and turned it around through his passion for music and enterprise.
                 Skepta - London Underground rapper
                  A*M*E - I did a style File post about her HERE
                  Professor Green
Jack and Finn Harries (Jacksgap YouTube Channel) - talked about using social media to gain a voice in the sometimes scary world. 
We should have brought earplugs along when they turned up! The noise was insaaaane!
Presenters: The Amazing Gemma Cairney and Rick Edwards
From the talks and performances, I came out feeling so inspired and beaming with positivity, as did most of the other attendees. The campaign focused around positive thinking and the promotion of self-esteem in young people - something that loads of teens struggle with (including myself in my early teens). The tag #MyPowerIs... was created to ask a generation what makes the special, talented and unique.
Sometimes it is really hard to talk about what our own qualities are, but we can easily do it for our friends. It's not modesty as some teens suffer with such low self-esteem that they really do not know the good things about them.
I came up with a few about myself and would like to share them with you:
  • My Strong Work Ethic
  • My good writing and musical talent
  • My determination to campaign for equality in all aspects of life
It is not the case that I am bragging, I am just letting people know what makes me special and that we all have different and amazing qualities - all of us. Why not try thinking what yours are?Have a look some people that have joined the #MyPowerIs movement HERE!

In total, with the use of Twitter and Facebook we reaches over 30 million people through our tweets/statuses about the event - there were only about 1500 people in the roundhouse! THAT IS INSANE!
I have a new YouTube Channel, where I will edit my footage and vlog about the day, so stay tuned for that!

Stay awesome!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Style File #13: Kim Sears

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ Isn't She Lovely - Stevie Wonder ♫ ♪

We all watched in awe at the amazing scenes at Wimbledon... no, not the tennis players, but Kim Sears' fashion, poise and bouncy hair. If did not know already (seriously?), Kim is Wimbledon Champion's Andy Murray's girlfriend. In The Duchess of Cambridge's absence, Kim has shone with her amazing clothes and charisma throughout the games.
I like that she does not shy away from daring prints and plunging necklines that most British socialites in the limelight would, which means that her style is versatile and attractive to many brands nationwide.
She flashed that gorgeous cream Mulberry Willow bag many times through the games and it went well with a lot of her outfits.
Don't even get me started on her hair! It was a trending topic for a few hours last week and she was favoured MORE than Pippa Middleton on Twitter and most blogs! Her blow-dries were so lovely and feminine, but she didn't mind ruffling it a bit when fiercely cheering for her boyfriend, which was great to see! 

The mint lace Victoria Beckham dress she wore at the Wimbledon final was so flattering on her.
She will now probably be a FROW regular at fashion weeks (at Mulberry and Burberry shows) and events, as well as travelling around the world to support Andy.
What do you think of her style?

Sunday, 7 July 2013

How To Be A Legit Blogger

A note from Joelle...

♫ ♪ 'F For You' - Disclosure ♫ ♪

Mariannan | Costume
Just follow these simple steps!
1. If you do not own a Michael Kors watch, Zara City Bag or the latest MAC products, you have already failed as a legit blogger, so might as well quit now.

2. Only turn up to an event if a gift bag is guaranteed - you deserve a treat full of goodies for gracing the event with your presence.

3. No comments on your post? DELETE IT. It's embarrassing that no one commented, so get rid of the evidence ASAP!!!

4. You must be seen in all the top fashion mags, so skip work/school and head down to London and pose on the corner of Carnaby Street until you are approached by at least 10 street style photographers.

5. As a blogger, your main goal is to get famous (obviously) so tweet, Facebook,  Instagram your links and posts all over the web 24/7. Hey, that's how all the big bloggers got famous and successful, right?

6. Accept every single PR offer and event invitation you get. It doesn't matter if they want you to blog about ashtrays or paddling pools, your readers will love it. 

7. Always give a positive review of a product you were sent from a company. You want to stay in their good-books (to get even more freebies) after all.

8.Want to achieve the best blogger pose? Place your hand on your right hip, tilt your head exactly 33 degrees and show us that happy-to-be-wearing-these-expensive-clothes-but-totally-unaware-that-your-photo-is-being-taken look.

9. Only make friends with bloggers with 5000+ twitter followers. They are the real deal and are the only ones with a proper opinion.

10. Don't blog about the same item of clothing more than once. No one likes an outfit-repeater. 

11. At a boring fashion party? Drink as many free cocktails as you can and then make off with five goody bags. You clearly deserve it after no one recognised you and came to chat with you.

12. Post about 20 pictures of yourself in the same outfit for a blog post. Your readers need to appreciate how great you look at more than 15 angles.

13. Don't bother sourcing the pictures that you do not own, and don't even think about telling readers which items were gifted to you. Waste. of. Time.

15. Wear all your rings and bracelets at once to look more edgy and artistic.

16. In beauty posts, pout in all the photos to add real definition to the product you are reviewing.

17. Make sure to use the phrase 'pop of colour' in every fashion outfit post.

18. Have at least 20 giveaways a year and include old PR samples that you didn't like in the prize.

19. Don't bother reading other people's blog posts. Just say 'great post' and then leave links to your blog and giveaway.

20. Don't take part in chats like #bbloggers and #fbloggers on twitter. They are just for little bloggers and you don't need their tips or advice.
21. Create blog posts with all gifted pieces. It shows you are in demand in the fashion world and very influential.
Got to the end? Okay, don't hurt me! I can explain!!
***Obviously this is a joke post and I am totally kidding! You should NOT follow this guide as it won't get you anywhere.  But I thought it would be interesting to discuss how some people view bloggers and how some bloggers I have genuinely met view things. Some of the 'tips' I wrote above have been overly exaggerated, but I will let you guess the ones I did not make up and genuinely heard them say...
I am proud to be a blogger, even though it's quite a controversial hobby (well the fashion side anyway!). I like it because of the truly amazing writers, content creators and entrepreneurs I have met, that I would not have been able to meet if I did not do this.

Finally, if you have a blog (doesn't have to be fashion or beauty) please answer in the comments below:
'I am proud to be a blogger because _______________' as I would love to know why you do the awesome things you do. 

Stay cool!
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Friday, 5 July 2013

Top 10 Bebo Memories

A note from Joelle... 
Oh dear. I read somewhere that the Bebo social network in being revived from the social cyber-abyss, but does anyone really want it back? And can it compete with Facebook (probably, it's full of Annoying Friends) and Twitter? I had my Bebo from around 2006 to 2009 and I loved it as a thirteen year-old because everyone was on it. From the girls in my school to the boys in the rival school, who I was too nervous to talk to in person...
I deleted my profile a long time ago, but I have found some of my old school friends profiles (I will not name names for now) and they were so cringe-worthy that it brought back a tidal wave of lolz! Here are my top 10: 

1. Sharing the 'luv' - Remember the days when you wrote on someone's wall and you could send them little red hearts? You could only send about two a day, so that meant strategically working out who deserved it the most. There were genuine arguments over MSN (not me,  promise) about who you gave their luv to and how many you were allowed to give to them. Don't deny it, we have all been a bit pissed off when our best friend didn't give us luv when we gave them one!
2. Arranging your 'top friends'Arranging your friends in order of importance was crucial to making your Bebo page legit and had to be done very carefully. This was dangerous territory back in the day, because you could rank someone higher that they ranked you, making things baaare awks. 

Had a falling out with one of your best friends at lunch time? No problem, just move them down a few spaces on your Bebo profile and wait for their next move. Mwuahaha. 

3. The Other Half - This was the place to show off your best friend or your new boyfriend (of two days). The latter was much cooler and set you apart from the other loser singletons. 
It was more ridiculous (and annoying) than Facebook relationship declarations. Why? Well, because so many people wrote soppy paragraphs along the lines of 'luv dis boii soooo much, it hurtz. We will b 2geta 4eva and eva. Nufink can tear uz apart cuz da luv is 2 strong. Luv ya bbz..x' - This was taken basically word-for-word from a profile of an old school friend's Bebo I found. Gut-churning stuff right there, folks.

4. Skins - You could change your profile wallpaper from a selection made by from 'skins makers' (aka strangers that just knew how to use Photoshop). Chances are, you changed it often to suit your mood. After searching for HOURS to find your perfect skin, it wasn't long until someone you knew got the same one and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. 
All that precious time you could have been using to write cryptic lyrical statuses on other sites like MSN and Piczo, wasted.
Indirect skins were pretty hilarious as well. Some would read...
or the most ratchet of them all...
^^ Girl, you're thirteen, go home.

5. Quizzes - Ah yes, the ultimate test to see which your friends really knew you the best. Major beef went down if your best friend failed to score at least 95%...

6. 'The Wall' and Videos - I never understood this concept when I had Bebo. Your friends (or randomers) create virtual 'bricks' by colouring and doodling. No matter how hard you tried, they always looked awful but as soon as you clicked, it's was there, cemented in the Bebo archives foreverrrrrr.

On to the videos... if you didn't have a Cascada or Basshunter song on you 'fave videos' list, you might as well have deleted your account as you clearly were not listening to the right music!

7. 'Scene Kids' This was a social group (like chavs, goths, emos) that no one could really define back in the day. But if you loved neon and had choppy hair, you were accepted as one of them on Bebo. The interesting thing is, I never met any in real life. I thus came to a conclusion that these scene kids' just lived on Bebo. Thank God there wasn't Instagram back when these kids freely roamed the earth, their pictures would all be like this...
    8. Crap like this´*•.¸(*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´ ♥«´¨`•(insert girl's name here)°•´¨`»♥ .¸.•*(¸.•*´♥`*•.¸)` (¯`v´¯) `*.¸.*´(INSERT NAME OF BOYFRIEND HERE).♥ ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.   WHAT EVEN WAS THIS? Girls decorated their name with all these doodles that were copied and pasted from someone elses profile (because let's face it, how do people get these shapes?).

    9. Annoying Arrows - Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurgh. I FCUKING HATED these! Flashing arrows were all over the place and you added them as friend just to place them in you top 16. It was mainly just to show off the friends you thought were 'stunnahz' and 'peng'.

    10. B3b0 Stunnahz - I honestly believe this is the birthplace of the 'duck-face pout' and a black hole for modern-day feminism. 13 year old girls from all over the land posed in the most nauseating positions and with fake tan (and all the makeup they owned) lathered across themselves. Their photos were then placed onto a public account and was a breeding ground for vain people. The girls were then gawked at by randy men, prepubescent boys and probably paedophiles - delightful.
    After slagging this off throughout my time on Bebo, one of my pictures actually made it onto one of these pages. I am embarrassed to say that I was so happy to have finally made the cut as a 'stunnah' - *VOM*. 

    Remember any of these or remember some more? Let me know in the comments below!
    All in all, I don't see anyone (sane) ever going back to Bebo. It was fun while it lasted (and when we were all too immature to know any better) so now it is time to lay it to rest and let it die... And I hope it stays dead for good this time.

                            For more of my comedy genius...
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