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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

London Fog

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ 'Home' - Dan Croll ♫ ♪

Good morning! 
Brrr, it's so cold and misty in the London/Surrey area, but that's what you get after two week of flooding and crazy storms! 
All I want to do these days is wrap up in faux fur, sip a cup of London Fog (the best hot drink EVER) and watch a film. But no, I have so much uni work to do and it's killing my vibe!
Onto the post...
Today I would like to share with you this outfit! I was inspired by hosting Sunday's #fbloggers chat on 'lesser-known fashion brands' and want to show you this amazing fur-trim coat from Oh My Love.
I bought it in October 2012 but never wore it (didn't even take off the tag!). The truth is I didn't know what on earth it could go with as it was so fury and light brown!
I saw Sade from 'In My Sunday Best' rocking the same coat last year and that inspired me to style it in a way that would make me feel comfortable!
This winter, I took it out of my wardrobe, dusted it off and showed it off to the world!
Fur Trim Coat - Oh My Love
Wire Ring - Camden Market 

The fur trim is detachable, so I can wrap it around almost anything. Woohoo! I'm not gonna be cold this winter! 
What do you think? Will you be donning the (faux) fur this season?


  1. Lovely outfit! x

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Kayla! It's a total steal at £17.50 now! xx

  3. Hope you're keeping warm, you look fab as always...and I must try a London Fog soon! :)x

    The Belle Narrative

    1. Thanks Aimee! The fur and a nice hot water bottle have been keeping me nice and toasty! You must try a London Fog, they are so dreamy! xx