Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Best Dresses At The Grammys 2014

A note from Joelle...
The fashion at this year's Grammy Awards was a mess on the female side of things if I#m being honest.
There were just some really weird gowns that we not flattering at all! 
That is why this 'Best Dressed' list is incredibly short! Ladies, STEP YOUR GAME UP!
All pics from cosmopolitan.co.uk
Katy Perry in Valentino | I saw this dress on  a model on Pinterest a while back and I was delighted that Katy Perry wore it. She looks stunning.
katy perry on grammy awards 2014 red carpet

Taylor Swift went for this lovely shimmering gown. Very classy and elegant.
Taylor Swift red carpet dress grammys 2014

I really like this dress even though it's really revealing and has a weird front slit. Anna seems to pull it off though!
grammys 2014 red carpet Anna Kendrick

Well, that's it! I told you it would be a short list. Even Queen Bey let me down! Who was your best dressed? 
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