Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Wired Ring

A note from Joelle...

♫♪'Open Your Eyes' LMNT ♫♪

This is by far my favourite statement jewellery piece. I bought it at a gorgeous hand-made jewellery stall in Camden Market in 2012 have have been trying to incorporate it into almost all my outfits.!
The lovely lady running the stall told me that her partner made all the jewellery on display! Check out some of his creations below.
She had such a great eye for style and said that the gold ring looked better on me than the silver ones! I wanted a silver wired ring at first but, she was right of course!
Market stalls are the best places to find jewellery that no one else will have.
It makes me miss living so close to London sometimes!
If you are looking for unique treasures at negotiable prices, head to Camden Market!


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