Friday, 28 February 2014

The February Girl

A note from Joelle... 


My beautiful month of February has sadly come to an end. It was short 'n' sweet (as usual), and I hope it was good to you as it was me.

Trousers - ASOS
Satchel - La Moda
Pumps - eBay

I want to take me blog in a different direction and add more dimensions to it now that I am a bit older and wiser (I've only been in my 20s for a day, but you know...). I'm not too sure what the plan is, but I excited to just be brave and environment with new clothes, products and writing styles!
I'm not too fussed about what some people says about my writing motives any more. I don't write a blog because I am vain/want to get 'internet famous'.
I am a blogger because I want to showcase my random thoughts to the world and not keep it all locked inside (like I used to). It's so much fun and extreeeeeemely hard work. But the hard work pays off every time a new comment pops up with that pretty orange colour!
Thanks for sticking around!
Until next time...
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Thursday, 27 February 2014

It's My Birthday!

A note from Joelle... 

Good morning everyone! Just letting y'all know (if you didn't know already...) that I turn 20 today!
However, I'm quite poorly at the moment and am writing this in bed with a hot towel on my forehead to ease the pain :'(.
I am in uni 8 hours today and really can't miss those classes, so, yeah - that's my day! It's not ideal, but it's all about the 21st birthday next year anyway!! ;)
Google's got my back!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Musical Bingo

A note from Joelle... 
'WTF, Joelle? Bingo is just a boring game for grannies to do on Wednesday evenings...'
I thought the same, but time's - a - changing', folks and a new kind of bingo is sweeping the nation...
 Apologies for the camera quality in advance - they got blurrier the more prosecco I consumed...
After a quick hop, skip and jump out of Shoreditch High Street station, I found myself at the entrance of Concrete, Shoreditch - the home of amazing musical/comedy events for people 'in the know'.
I was tres happy to see Jess, Annie and Sam again as it felt like I hadn't seen them in forever!
Concrete is also the home of every (hipster) Londoner's favourite pizzeria, 'Pizza East'. We were kindly served with plates and plates of pizza, which went down a storm!
They might look simple when placed in front of you, but boy, they are packed with flavours and textures that are too good to be true! My favourite was the broccoli and meatball pizza, which disappeared from the plates the fastest!
The pizza kept coming and the prosecco kept flowing - they really know the way to a blogger's heart! 

Now, onto the bingo itself...
Everyone was given a unique bingo sheet with twelve themed songs on them. Each game lasted three rounds: getting one row, two rows and then the whole grid! 
I got soooo competitive, but won ZILCH! *I didn't know many of the songs (I was only est 1994, remember), so I did a cheeky shazam on my iPhone, hehe!
A nice bit of this...
Soon turned into this...
Costa Bingo Musical Bingo Event
source: Costa Bingo
Oh, and this...
Costa Bingo Musical Bingo Event
Source: Costa Bingo

 Me, Sam and Annie!
 To say we were all very merry was an understatement! Bloggers Lauren and Sharee were the first up on the table, dancing to classic songs, and then Sam, Jess and I were straight up there too. It wasn't long before people on other tables joined in too!
Musical Bingo would make a fab birthday/staff outing as it's actually fun and not cringe/boring!
There were great vibes all around and I was sad I had to leave early to catch my last train home. I WILL be back!

I would like to thank Elena from Greenlight for inviting me and for being a fabulous organiser! Also a big shoutout to Costa Bingo!
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Monday, 24 February 2014

Quote Of The Week

A note from Joelle... 

'Find a place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.' ~ Joseph Campbell

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Blacks Burgers, Epsom

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ 'Battle Cry' - Angel Haze ft. Sia ♫ ♪

Hannah and I have been friends since secondary school and we both love our fashion and food. 
Every time I am in town, we seem to find ourselves eating fancy burgers! It has now become our little tradition, but we didn't want our regular Byron Burgers. This time we travelled to Epsom, Surrey for a new place Hannah found.
Tucked in the corner of Epsom High Street is this beautiful new burger diner called Blacks. 

 The set up is kind of like Nando's, you order at the counter and fetch your own cutlery, napkins and sauces.
 The menu is jam-packed with delicious descriptive words and even options for people who are watching their figures (I avoided that section, obvs).
I knew what I wanted straight away: burger with mature cheddar cheese with a mountain of skinny fries!

 I usually get a strawberry milkshake (I tend to play it safe), but this time I got Oreo flavour, which was super thick and amazing decadent with the Oreo chunks!

Hannah went for two scoops and I went for three - hey, it's my last day in town, so I wanted to go all-out. I was in milkshake HEAVEN! 
 Hannah went for a burger with blue cheese and sweet potato skinny fries.
 I wasn't joking about the mountain of fries! I thought the small bowl was the 'large' portion, but I was oh so wrong.
 The lovely staff checked up on us regularly through the meal and they get to wear their own casual clothes, which I think is really cool.
 Just look at that burgery goodness...
All in all, the staff were super friendly and upbeat, which was a real delight. The food was fabulous too!
The vibe is really casual and relaxed and the decor is very beautiful and modern.
We will definitely be back and you should give Blacks Burgers a visit if you are in the Surrey area!

The Ebbisham Centre
38 Oaks Square, Epsom
KT19 8AS

Friday, 21 February 2014

By George, She's Got It!

A note from Joelle... 
Hi guys!
Firstly, I have a fancy new way of doing wish lists! All you have to do it click on your desired piece of clothing from below and it will take you straight to site! Not too shabby, right?
It was a total coincidence that I was browsing the George site looking for pieces for my February wishlist  and then I was contacted to create this post on the same day! I love it when stuff like that happens! 

When it comes to the weekend, I tend to wear looser-fitting, comfortable clothes, but I jazz it up with statement jewellery.

Image Map
Winter pastels are always on-trend and offsetting it a leather bag and boots is always a winner!
I would place the dungarees over the top of the jumper and add the silver statement necklace to spruce the look up a bit. And if you're heading side, the blue bobble hat goes nicely to complete the look!
George at ASDA are soooo underrated, so I hope this inspires you to browse the clothes they have to offer and pick up a bargain!
*Sponsored post, real thoughts

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Best And Worst Dressed At The Brits 2014

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ 'Waiting All Night' - Rudimental ft. Ella Eyre ♫♪

I am sooooooooo happy that Rudimental and Bastille took home an award as well as Ellie Goulding. They, along with Tom Odell, Ella Eyre, Disclosure, and Lorde that been the soundtrack to my year so far!
Now onto the fashion... There were some hits, and some serious misses:
Pics from
Firstly there was only one Queen of style at tonight's BRITs...
Embedded image permalink
Beyonce wore  a shimmering blue gown by Vrettos Vrettakos Couture

Pixie Lott, Ella Eyre, Lily Allen, Hannah Reid, Rita Ora, Foxes, Zoe Hardman, Sam Smith, Haim, Kimberley Walsh

And here are the celeb who didn't get it quite right...
Laura Mvula, Jessie J, Aluna Francis, Sara Cox, Peaches Geldof, Myleene Klass and Kylie Minogue
Who were your best and worst-dressed celebs?

LFW Street Style

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪'February Air' - LIGHTS ♫ ♪

So yesterday was my first and final day at LFW as I didn't want to miss uni. I landed at Gatwick the night before at 10pm and then had to be up the next morning at 6!!
I spent the day running around (as per usual) to different venues for backstage and shows, but then at midday, I decided to take my first ever Street Style snaps of the people.
Some people were really approachable... others, not so much (to my surprise)! But I think some were a bit freaked out that I was followed by a camera crew (more about that later!!!), so were a wee bit reserved.
I spotted some amazing fashionistas and would like to share my pics with you! :)

This powder blue coat is so beautiful!

One of my favourite outfits from the day! The mix of pastels, leather, with the shimmering pink, floral, monochrome and statement jewellery is so chic

A very interesting lierd layering effect!

I really want this coat and bag!!
Oh, look! It's me! :)
Jumper from ASOS
Blouse from Primark
Necklace from Topshop
Scarf from eBay
Glasses from London Retro (*)
Suitcase from Liberty London (*) (I attached my Zara City Bag strap onto it to make it easier to carry)
Skirt from Rare Fashion

From this I found that gentle androgyny rules the  cobbles, as well as marrying  one main vibrant colour with busy textures!
I had a super-fun day, although it was a bit manic! But then again, that's how Fashion Week is!
I did gain a bit more confidence when approaching strangers, so I hope to do this again between shows next season! 
What do you think of the style in this post? What are you loving?
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