Sunday, 23 February 2014

Blacks Burgers, Epsom

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Hannah and I have been friends since secondary school and we both love our fashion and food. 
Every time I am in town, we seem to find ourselves eating fancy burgers! It has now become our little tradition, but we didn't want our regular Byron Burgers. This time we travelled to Epsom, Surrey for a new place Hannah found.
Tucked in the corner of Epsom High Street is this beautiful new burger diner called Blacks. 

 The set up is kind of like Nando's, you order at the counter and fetch your own cutlery, napkins and sauces.
 The menu is jam-packed with delicious descriptive words and even options for people who are watching their figures (I avoided that section, obvs).
I knew what I wanted straight away: burger with mature cheddar cheese with a mountain of skinny fries!

 I usually get a strawberry milkshake (I tend to play it safe), but this time I got Oreo flavour, which was super thick and amazing decadent with the Oreo chunks!

Hannah went for two scoops and I went for three - hey, it's my last day in town, so I wanted to go all-out. I was in milkshake HEAVEN! 
 Hannah went for a burger with blue cheese and sweet potato skinny fries.
 I wasn't joking about the mountain of fries! I thought the small bowl was the 'large' portion, but I was oh so wrong.
 The lovely staff checked up on us regularly through the meal and they get to wear their own casual clothes, which I think is really cool.
 Just look at that burgery goodness...
All in all, the staff were super friendly and upbeat, which was a real delight. The food was fabulous too!
The vibe is really casual and relaxed and the decor is very beautiful and modern.
We will definitely be back and you should give Blacks Burgers a visit if you are in the Surrey area!

The Ebbisham Centre
38 Oaks Square, Epsom
KT19 8AS


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