Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Musical Bingo

A note from Joelle... 
'WTF, Joelle? Bingo is just a boring game for grannies to do on Wednesday evenings...'
I thought the same, but time's - a - changing', folks and a new kind of bingo is sweeping the nation...
 Apologies for the camera quality in advance - they got blurrier the more prosecco I consumed...
After a quick hop, skip and jump out of Shoreditch High Street station, I found myself at the entrance of Concrete, Shoreditch - the home of amazing musical/comedy events for people 'in the know'.
I was tres happy to see Jess, Annie and Sam again as it felt like I hadn't seen them in forever!
Concrete is also the home of every (hipster) Londoner's favourite pizzeria, 'Pizza East'. We were kindly served with plates and plates of pizza, which went down a storm!
They might look simple when placed in front of you, but boy, they are packed with flavours and textures that are too good to be true! My favourite was the broccoli and meatball pizza, which disappeared from the plates the fastest!
The pizza kept coming and the prosecco kept flowing - they really know the way to a blogger's heart! 

Now, onto the bingo itself...
Everyone was given a unique bingo sheet with twelve themed songs on them. Each game lasted three rounds: getting one row, two rows and then the whole grid! 
I got soooo competitive, but won ZILCH! *I didn't know many of the songs (I was only est 1994, remember), so I did a cheeky shazam on my iPhone, hehe!
A nice bit of this...
Soon turned into this...
Costa Bingo Musical Bingo Event
source: Costa Bingo
Oh, and this...
Costa Bingo Musical Bingo Event
Source: Costa Bingo

 Me, Sam and Annie!
 To say we were all very merry was an understatement! Bloggers Lauren and Sharee were the first up on the table, dancing to classic songs, and then Sam, Jess and I were straight up there too. It wasn't long before people on other tables joined in too!
Musical Bingo would make a fab birthday/staff outing as it's actually fun and not cringe/boring!
There were great vibes all around and I was sad I had to leave early to catch my last train home. I WILL be back!

I would like to thank Elena from Greenlight for inviting me and for being a fabulous organiser! Also a big shoutout to Costa Bingo!
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