Thursday, 6 February 2014


A note from Joelle... 

I have had an obsession with rings since I was about nine years old. I wanted to be just like author Jacqueline Wilson and have one (or two) rings on each finger!

I am basically in the same mind-set even eleven years on to be honest. Although, I have to take them off when I am do lab work (*sobs*).
To me, rings aren't just about showing if you're married, they can give little hints about your personality and have personal meanings! 
So here are my favourite rings!
The Book  - ASOS
It actually opens and closes!!

The Wired Ring - Camden Market
I did a separate post all about this little baby!

The Mood Ring - Vintage shop in Lewes
I got this the day of the Mumford & Sons gig last Summer. It doesn't actually change colour though, but it's still really pretty.

The Cube Ring - eBay
It was only 99p and I wear it all the time! I love how artistic it looks.

The Gemstone Ring
I like to wear this in my geology labs as it makes me look like a good, dedicated student (or just overly-keen..)
I think it's just made from glass though and is from Raspberygrape

The Neon Ring
I got a pack of these from Kukee and not only were they a bargain, they are so cute and sparkly! I often stack them with other teeny weeny rings!



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